Circuit diagram of temperature controller in car

Circuit diagram of temperature controller in car

The Rack Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panels are 19" inch size and modular design. Slide-Out Rack-Mount Panel provides a simple, high-density, low profile solution for easy access and management of fiber optic terminations in a 1U-rack space design. The Rack-Mount Sliding Panel accommodates up to 24 fibers in ST,SC,MTRJ LC and FC connector interfaces, optical adapters on the panels could be SC, ST, FC, LC, etc.. Types optional.


It comes with a number of cable management devices for organizing cables entering and exiting the panel. This Panel is equipped with slack-fiber storage spools, and Splicing tray. Each enclosure features front and rear removable metal covers for quick and easy installation and maintenance. The forward and backward sliding tray allows installers to access the fiber adapter panels as moves; ads and changes (MACs) are required.

19' Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel

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