Huajie Optoelectronics: Channel Innovation Leads Sales "Hot" Upgrade

The four-day "Guangzhou International Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition" was in full swing. Under the opportunity of the "Tiger and Wolf Master" of dealers and engineering dealers all over the country, Xiaobian also went to Guangzhou and deeply felt Guangzhou. The charm of the exhibition.

At the entrance of Hall 9.2, the door is open to the guests of Huajie Optoelectronics, the front of the pavilion is full of traffic, and after the walk, Huajie’s eye-catching “sub-regional negotiation model” is also refreshing, and the pavilion is hot. The background of the scene is more orderly.

In this regard, Wu Quan'an, director of Huajie Optoelectronics' domestic marketing center, explained: "We are not only adopting this sub-regional model at this exhibition, but also in the daily channel construction, we are fully implementing this strategy. The advantage is that Those who are familiar with this market can come up with the best service matching, implement each job based on the customer's perspective, and this team operation mode is also the focus of our next development."

This innovative model also directly promoted the hot sales of Huajie's exhibition. As of 5:00 pm yesterday, Huajie Optoelectronics' total orders have exceeded 48.6 million yuan, which is enough to lead the sales of similar products at the show.

"With Huajie's new product - indoor surface mount P3 32 sweeping brush as an example, it has been highly sought after by many domestic and foreign merchants. The ultra-high refresh rate and the price of civilians have already brought orders and sales volume to over 6.3 million yuan. At the same time, Huajie's outdoor surface mount star products, full-color P6, P8 "eye-catching rate" is also arrogant all the way, in just 48 hours, the on-site cumulative order sales exceeded 18.2 million yuan, also refreshed the Huajie exhibition outdoor Order record of surface-applied products." Wu Quan-an said.

In recent years, with a good pre-judgment for the LED display market, Huajie Optoelectronics' products have achieved remarkable results in the market and have a good reputation. In the market, they have also won the "Top Ten LED Display Stage Rental Screen Brands" and "Top Ten". LED display channel construction brand" and other honors.

It is understood that Huajie has included two brands, Huajie Optoelectronics and Strait Cailiang. Currently, it has established 29 operation centers, 365 franchise stores in East China, South China, Central China and North China, and is located in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Hundreds of agents have been established in 35 international regions such as the Middle East.

"The reason why we have achieved outstanding results stems from good market prediction. We firmly grasp the core share of 60% in the middle of the pyramid, seize the core group of the market, and gradually overcome it. Next we will continue to pass the network. The grid-like marketing method covers all parts of the country, providing customers with quality products and services more quickly and in a timely manner.” Wu Quanan mentioned.

It is understood that in 2015, the sales performance of Huajie Optoelectronics has exceeded 700 million. Looking at 2016, Huajie initially set a target of 1.2 billion sales for the whole year, which will also be a pivotal position in the LED display industry.

"Overall, the achievements of Huajie are inseparable from the advanced research and development spirit, advanced manufacturing and testing equipment and perfect service of Huajie people, but I also want to emphasize that only one of these carriers is embodied. ——It is the product, all of our achievements are based on high-quality products, which is the core starting point, and this is also an important part of our commitment to become the leading brand in China's LED display industry.” Huajie Optoelectronics Manager Guo Qiaoying finally mentioned.

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