Guangbao Branch's Guanglin will become the second l…

Taiwan's Guangbao Branch has operated the street lamp label market through its subsidiary Guanglin, and obtained the 7-county standard case of the whole Taiwan in the “enhanced setting of LED street lamp energy-saving project” promoted by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economi ......Reading more

Intel is still the chip industry

IC Insights, a market research company, recently released a research report that, according to revenue, Intel is still the largest chip maker, but its market share has been eroded by Samsung and Qualcomm. In the first quarter of this year, Intel’s chip sales were US$11.56 billion, ......Reading more

Wanrun Technology released the 2012 equity distribution…

Wanrun Technology announced that the company's 2012 equity distribution plan has been reviewed and approved by the shareholders' meeting. The company's 2012 equity distribution plan is: based on the company's existing total share capital of 88 million shares, 1.00 yuan of cash (inc ......Reading more

Government LED street light project listed companies wi…

On April 23, the reporter learned from the statistics of the website of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province that in the first quarter of 2013, the tender for street lamps and tunnel lights in Guangdong Province from January to March 2013 had reached 76,000 baht. The amount i ......Reading more

Electricity Business Appeal Should Abandon Price War

Recently, Geng Guixian, chairman of Gome Online, wrote an article on “E-Commerce Words” that mourned the “disease” of the e-commerce industry, causing many netizens and industry insiders to look around. “A butcher knife that has been losing money year after ye ......Reading more

Shanxi promotes direct power supply for large users

Shanxi is an important energy and raw material supply base in China. However, due to the long-term development of high-intensity resources and related policies, traditional pillar industries have short chains, heavy-duty structures are prominent, and emerging competitive industries are not ......Reading more

ST helps NTT Plala launch advanced next-generation smar…

21ic News STMicroelectronics (ST) announced that the new generation of advanced set-top boxes launched by the well-known Japanese network/IPTV service provider NTT Plala on April 17th uses STMicroelectronics Orly System-on-Chip (SoC). The maker of this set-top box is Sumitomo Electric Networks, I ......Reading more