The global LED lighting market reached US$29.9 billion …

In recent years, with the continuous innovation of electric light source technology, China's electric light source industry has developed rapidly and the market scale has been increasing. It has become the production, processing and manufacturing center of the global electric light source light ......Reading more

Philips LED production module improves orchid planting …

“This is the first time that LED lighting has been installed to guarantee the anniversary of the production of orchid varieties.” Arjan de Hoog, Co-director, De Hoog Orchids introduced. background De Hoog Orchids is a family business that has been growing flowers since 1928 - chrysant ......Reading more

What is the basic function of smart home appliances?

Smart appliances are becoming more and more familiar to us. However, smart home appliances do not refer to a home appliance but belong to a technical system. However, when using smart home products, do you have any understanding of the basic functions of such home products, and see how the followin ......Reading more

Huajie Optoelectronics: Channel Innovation Leads Sales …

The four-day "Guangzhou International Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition" was in full swing. Under the opportunity of the "Tiger and Wolf Master" of dealers and engineering dealers all over the country, Xiaobian also went to Guangzhou and deeply felt Guangzhou. The charm of the ......Reading more

Deep discussion and analysis on LED plant lighting

The vast majority of animals and plants on the earth are inseparable from the sun's rays, but the supply of sunlight is limited and different in different regions and at different times. Avoiding the cycle of illumination, there are still many insufficient light. In the case of a ......Reading more

Analysis of a new high-density LED package form for LED…

With the rapid development of LED display technology, the dot pitch is getting smaller and smaller. The LED package continues from 3528, 2020, 1515, 1010, 0505 to a smaller size to meet the high density demand, becoming a hot product in the LED industry. High-density LEDs have four t ......Reading more

How to choose smart home products

As a user of smart homes, there are many types of smart home products. How to purchase them involves many skills. Let's take a look at the related purchasing skills. As a buyer of smart home products, if you want to purchase smart home products with superior quality, be sure to understand the ......Reading more