Relevant parties suspected of violating the law, Zhongy…

The progress of the reorganization audit disclosed by the CSRC on the evening of the 15th showed that the reorganization application of Zhongyuan Concord and Changfang Lighting was suspended in the near future due to the suspected illegal investigation and filing. Coincidentally, both companies are ......Reading more

LED bio-lighting welcomes business in Canada with annua…

In Canada, for example, the annual sales of greenhouse fruits and vegetables exceeds US$1.1 billion. How to provide effective illumination for greenhouses is the key to supporting greenhouse cultivation and increasing revenue. LED replaces traditional high-pressure sodium lamp to help plant growth ......Reading more

Alto Electronics: Huizhou Alto Industrial Park has been…

Alto Electronics is strong on the 7th, and the increase is in the forefront of the LED sector. It is reported that the company's Huizhou Alto Industrial Park recently launched the unveiling ceremony and began trial production. Insiders of the company said that Huizhou Alto Industrial Park is th ......Reading more

Millet bracelet: The trend behind the price of cabbage

If it is said that the millet 4 that is still priced at 1999 yuan is expected, then the 79 yuan millet smart bracelet may be even more exciting and even eye-catching, at least for the consumers standing in front of the industrial fog, this is the case That's right. In fact, as Lei Jun ......Reading more

Why did the PC die?

On August 4, 2014, according to foreign media reports, although smartphones, tablets, and tablet phones of different sizes have become increasingly popular, PCs have not died out, at least not yet. Market research company released a report in July that personal computing market this year w ......Reading more

XTOP04TW-UD touch screen

XTOP04TW-UD Touch Screen XTOP04TW-UD touch panel XTOP04TW-UD touch membrane XTOP04TW-UD touch glass XTOP04TW-UD touch digitizer XTOP04TW-UD touch assemble XTOP04TW-UD touch front XTOP04TW-UD touch interface XTOP04TW-UD touch cover XTOP04TW-UD protective film XTOP04TW-UD overlay label ......Reading more