Dayang Oxygen MOCVD business is wilting and sent to the Korean factory to expand the market

Japan's largest MOCVD manufacturer, Dayang Rizin, started selling oxygen, and MOCVD accounted for a small proportion of its revenue, but Dayangjiu MOCVD has a certain position in Asia. Mainly due to the Japanese LED chip manufacturers Toyota Synthetic and Nichia Chemical are their customers, and some Taiwan, South Korea and mainland LED manufacturers MOCVD also comes from the company.

The revenue of the Dayang Risin MOCVD business has grown significantly in 2009-2010, but it has shrunk again in 2011. The 2011 MOCVD business revenue was even lower than that of 2008, and did not meet the original target of the company's "Stage Up 10" business plan. The Dayang Oxygen MOCVD business is facing the biggest test since the financial tsunami.

In order to break this predicament, Da Yang Ri Shui announced the new medium-term plan “Gear Up 10” in November 2011. In this plan, several basic principles for business development were proposed, including focusing resources on growth areas and growth markets, and Other companies are collaborating, strengthening upstream strategies, reducing costs and strengthening group operations. The company hopes that through this approach, its overall revenue will grow by more than 30% in two years.

In the MOCVD, the new medium-term plan of Dae-Nippon is mainly through the cooperation with overseas manufacturers and the development of new machines with higher efficiency. In May 2011, it established a joint venture with Korean manufacturer PSK in South Korea. In addition to the newly-developed MOCVD machine in the first half of 2011, the MOCVD company has also been able to increase the production efficiency.

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