Pole routing evaluation: Great improvements, but do users really need smart routers?

Pole routing is a high-speed smart wireless router produced by Beijing Polar Tech Geek Technology Co., Ltd.
Pole routing is based on user's requirements. The hardware part is made of high-end materials, 100% lead-free, all-patch components, blue solder mask, safer, more environmentally friendly, all aluminum alloy housing, excellent heat dissipation, beautiful fashion . Part of the software pioneered 1+X acceleration engine, built-in 8G/16G storage space, providing perfect acceleration service; first market platform, aggregating various applications, making the router truly intelligent; mobile remote control, real-time traffic monitoring, more convenient and more secure .

Once again, the polar route was taken. At this time, the polar route was already a formal finished consumer product. We conducted a trial evaluation of it, and took a look at the progress of the finished product's polar routing, and how it has subverted traditional routers.

The polar routing of the box packaging is more refined, there is only a polar routing picture above the box, it is very Geek, in front of a HiWiFi logo and silver label, very simple.

Judging from the size of the box, the body size of the pole routing is definitely a lot more compact than the engineering machine at the beginning of the year.

Out of the box out of the pole route, and sure enough, compared to the early years of the black and thick straight, today's extreme routing body size, both ends of the curved design makes the product look refined and soft, it is worth mentioning that the pole routing is made of aluminum alloy material, Very texture. All-metal home routers are rare in the market.

The front route is laser HIWiFi, and the front is a black metal panel. There are three blue lights in the process.

There are a series of jacks at the back of the pole routing, which are power supply insertion, a network cable input port, two network cable output ports, and an antenna connection knob. The power socket of the polar route is different from the circular jack of a traditional router, and uses a MiniUSB socket, and even a mobile power source can be used for charging.

On the back is a product message and a two-dimensional code. The back side is the side that is in contact with the place to place, and product information such as the product model is attached. In addition, there is no foot and it is not easy to notice that this side touches the bottom surface and it will be slightly confused about what posture to use. Because on the whole, the quality of pole routing is very fine and the hand feels very good.

Polar routing accessories include a mini USB cable, a cable, power plug and antenna. The convenient place is that the miniUSB cable is separate from the plug. This is common on mobile phones, but it is relatively new to routing.

Well, connect the power cable to the computer, and open the in the computer browser to enter the routing setting background. When the user enters the interface, the user guide arrow will be displayed. In this case, the Internet access method and wireless settings can be set directly in the order of the arrows.

When you choose the way to access the Internet, you can make the polar route automatically select.

The back-end interface after setting is very dazzling, but also very easy to understand, there is a cross-section of the route on the interface. The middle of the screen shows several devices connected to this router. Compared to the traditional router background configuration interface, the experience of this interface is very good.

On the left side of the screen is the system menu, which allows you to check the system status or enter advanced settings. Advanced settings are more complex settings than the usual network settings.

If you think that the default background setting IP is more difficult to remember, you can also modify.

The firmware of the router can even be upgraded, so-called intelligent routing.

Of course, the most important function of polar routing is the cloud plug-in function. This is an intelligent route that can upgrade the firmware. Therefore, it is of course possible to install the application. The application of the plug-in is used in the polar routing. The default plug-ins include feature plug-ins such as App Store Acceleration and Google Play Acceleration Blocking Video Ads.

Of course, the most praiseworthy feature of Pole Routing is the global acceleration feature, which enables this feature to be used on sites that are not always available. However, the actual test seems to be not very fast on these sites, which is slightly slower than some Chrome agents.

The remote route also has a corresponding mobile phone APP. After the installation, it needs to be bound first. After the route is bound, the mobile phone can use the mobile phone to view or manage the traffic data of the router. For example, wireless switches, panel light switches, plug-in management, and even the use of mobile phones can update routing firmware.

From polar routing hardware design, material quality to background configuration system experience, plug-in functionality, and even mobile phone APP management, pole routing can be said to be a huge improvement over traditional routers. As for its performance in plug-in installations, there is even a global acceleration of this feature, and it can be said that the subversion of routers.

And its router style is used as a router for the process of Internet products. It does not mean to create a complete product and then publish the product. Instead, it first creates an imperfect product, and after a small-scale test, it focuses on obtaining user feedback. Then iterated quickly and eventually produced such a good product.

Just a very big selling point of the global routing acceleration function, this is certainly not tolerated by some people, and now no one is in charge of the small-scale routing users, if you want large-scale distribution is bound to be castrated. Even the extreme route that Jingdong is now selling has already castrate the global acceleration function. I am afraid even the channels do not want to take this risk.

As for routers that do not have global acceleration, how much of their attractiveness remains? In personal opinion, if you have so many acceleration function plug-ins, it is better to optimize the network directly to the best and provide greater coverage of the signal. This is a good selling point. As for the need for users to install a variety of plug-ins to optimize, which is too high for most ordinary users to use the threshold. For the high-end users who need to perform network traffic distribution or firewall management, the polar routes provide less functionality.

For many people, it may not be necessary for the router to become the center of a home network management. It does not require a "smart" router that can install applications, but only requires a device that can reliably provide network support.

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