Li Jiacheng invested in LED bulb Nanoleaf Hong Kong for sale

Following the arrival of Li Ka-shing's privately-owned artificial mayonnaise in Hong Kong, the world's most energy-efficient LED bulb Nanoleaf, which is also famous for its brand effect, was officially launched in Hong Kong on November 21, and will initially be owned by Li Ka-shing. Fengze Electric and Baijia Supermarket are selling.

Nanoleaf was founded by three Toronto University graduates Jimmy Chu (Zhu Jiayu), Christian Yan (Yan Sicheng) and Tom Rodinger. Nanoleaf's bulbs are folded into polygons by printed circuit boards, subverting the shape of traditional bulbs and saving up to 88% compared to conventional LED bulbs.

In November last year, Li Ka-shing personally interviewed the three founders and then invested. When Superman accepted the media interview, he personally folded a Nanoleaf bulb and “selled it”, making Nanoleaf red and white.

The Nanoleaf bulbs sold in Hong Kong since the 21st include two models, the first generation Nanoleaf One and the new brightness-adjustable Nanoleaf Bloom. The Nanoleaf One offers two levels of brightness and is priced from HK$268 to HK$368. Nanoleaf focuses on the concept of energy conservation and has received the attention of many organizations and institutions in Hong Kong. Greenpeace is currently its Hong Kong partner.

In addition, Hong Kong chain restaurant Tsui Wah is supported by the watch, and its branch bulbs will be replaced by Nanoleaf's energy-saving bulbs. Li Ka-shing's Victoria Harbour investment has invested heavily in high-tech companies in recent years. The recently invested plant mayonnaise Hampton Greek and "artificial beef" company Modern Meadow are well known in China for their investment in Li Chaoren.

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