Energy-saving 30% Suzhou North Ring Tunnel upgrade LED lighting

According to Suzhou News Network, Suzhou City Lighting Management will replace more than 3,800 sets of lights in the Beihuan Tunnel from December 1st, and upgrade the original T5 tubes to LED lighting, saving up to 30%.

The Suzhou North Ring Road Tunnel was completed at the end of 2007. The internal lighting used T5 lamps. Not only the overall energy consumption is high, but the damage rate is also high. Some of the lamps are installed above the middle lane. Once repaired, it will occupy a lane. .

Suzhou City Lighting Management Office upgraded the original lamps to LED lights, which can reduce energy consumption by 30%. Together with the better stability and longer life of LED lights, it can greatly reduce maintenance and avoid maintenance. Traffic impacts and safety hazards.

More than 3,800 sets of lighting upgrades have been completed, and the upgrade work will start from December 1st and continue until January 15th next year. It will provide more energy-saving and stable lighting for the public.

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