Guangbao Branch's Guanglin will become the second largest LED street light supplier in Taiwan

Taiwan's Guangbao Branch has operated the street lamp label market through its subsidiary Guanglin, and obtained the 7-county standard case of the whole Taiwan in the “enhanced setting of LED street lamp energy-saving project” promoted by the Energy Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2012.

The company pointed out that the current Taipei North District (Shilin District, Beitou District) and the West District (Wanhua District, Datong District, Zhongzheng District) have been completed 30 days and 45 days in advance, waiting for all 7 counties and cities, a total of 40,000 After the installation of 6 thousand street lights, Guanglin will become the second largest LED street light supplier in Taiwan.

Guangbao Branch said that the northern part of Taipei City and the West District originally installed 12,667 baht of mercury street lamps below 200W. After the conversion of Guanglin to 72W energy-saving LED street lamps, it is estimated that about 7.1 million kWh of electricity and nearly 10 million yuan of electricity will be saved each year. And reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of 43.46 million kilograms and implement the policy of low-carbon and environmentally friendly cities in Taipei.

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