Wang Donglei: NVC Lighting is ready to “abandon” Wanzhou Base

The incident of NVC lighting is currently in a stalemate. Wang Donglei led four operators to meet with the media in Huizhou today. He said that the company is already resuming its operating system and believes that the production capacity will resume normal supply in the next 10 days. For the Wanzhou factory, which is still in a state of suspension, Wang Donglei said that he was ready to abandon the Wanzhou base when necessary.

Dehao Runda revealed to the author that on the morning of August 23, Huizhou NVC Lighting Temporary Headquarters official operation celebration meeting and national operation center meeting was held in Huizhou NVC Lighting Light Environment Experience Hall. The meeting held the signing of NVC Lighting Huizhou The temporary headquarters officially operated and received the approval and support of most operators.

It is reported that NVC Lighting and 12 operators have set up a temporary operation decision-making committee. Today, Wang Donglei came forward to answer questions from the media about operators in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin and Shenzhen. Wang Donglei said today that the two sides will jointly cope with today's difficulties from the aspects of market sales, product organization and transportation, brand maintenance, and customer maintenance.

For the National Operations Center meeting, Wang Donglei said today that there are 33 NRW lighting operators supporting the board of directors, and 29 of them today, accounting for 90% of sales. “All of us promise to minimize fluctuations, the smallest At the cost, the fastest speed to restore the supply of NVC products to the country."

Jiangsu operator Wang Xiaobo told the media that the current delivery is not timely. "We may have thousands of distributors below. All of the following distributors may have tens of thousands of people. There may be more than 100,000 people. NVC is eating. Now, if there is a problem with the delivery and the operation is difficult, for them, the daily wages, rent, and even some customer orders cannot be paid out. For them to maintain customers, their own operations are still very big. influences."

Wang Donglei also said today that the company is already recovering the system. The Huizhou base has returned to normal. Shanghai and Zhejiang have not received any impact. It has been normal. The difficulty is Wanzhou. The company has started the recovery plan. It is believed that the production capacity will be restored in the next 10 days. Normal supply.

Regarding the Huizhou factory reported by the media recently, Wang Donglei admitted that the raw materials have a little influence, because some of the suppliers are relatives of the Wu family, and there are problems with the cooperation, but the company is starting to include the original suppliers. Solve the problem quickly."

The production capacity of the Huizhou plant accounts for about 35% of NVC's lighting capacity, while the Wanzhou plant accounts for about 20%. Wang Donglei emphasized that the board of directors has never approved the transfer of headquarters to Chongqing. Huizhou was originally the headquarters of NVC. Before Donghui had a clear resolution, it was not allowed to move its headquarters to Chongqing.

The Wanzhou factory has been shut down since August 11th. When it will be normal, Wang Donglei said, "Depending on the will of the local government, we hope that the people's government can give us support. Of course, we also have alternative programs. If necessary, we will also do well. The preparation for abandoning the Wanzhou base." The operators attending the meeting today also called on the local government in Chongqing to solve the problem.

Regarding the latest statement of Wang Donglei, Wu Changjiang has not had any new moves for the time being.

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