Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs declares that it can open up land-based participation shares LED

It is reported that the "Ministry of Economic Affairs" of the Taiwan authorities will announce the third wave of land-funded open projects in March, which is expected to open land-based investment shares. "Minister of Economy" Shi Yanxiang said that at this stage, land-funded enterprises will take a positive list. They will be reviewed every six months in the future, and the fourth wave of land investment will be opened again in the second half of the year.

According to reports, the "Ministry of Economic Affairs" and the "Public Works Commission" of the Taiwan authorities have filed a project report on the third wave of land-based investment in Taiwan to the Ma Ying-jeou Office Safety Committee. The "Ministry of Economic Affairs" official told the Taiwan media reporter that due to the impact of the European debt crisis, this year The prospects of European and American companies investing in Taiwan are not optimistic, and China’s capital will play a more important role than in the past. Accelerating land investment in Taiwan this year is a key task. Shi Yanxiang emphasized that the opening up of land resources will surely go toward a stable and open direction. Currently, it is indeed targeting the third wave of land-based open operations. In the future, the land-use fund will be reviewed once every six months. Therefore, there will be a fourth wave of land-based investment in the second half of the year. Land-based management will take positive measures and wait until the opening ratio reaches a certain level (eg 70%, 80%). Will consider changing to a negative list.

According to Taiwan media, the “Ministry of Economic Affairs” of the Taiwan authorities opened the land-funded project to Taiwan in two phases in 2009 and 2011, opening a total of 247 items. The opening ratio of the manufacturing and service industries was only 42%, and the total amount of investment by mainland companies in Taiwan accumulated only 1.5. Billion U.S. dollars, last year, the amount of investment by mainland companies in Taiwan was only 42 million U.S. dollars. The "Ministry of Economic Affairs" announced in March last year that it will open up the second wave of land resources, including allowing mainland companies to go to Taiwan to participate in high-tech industries such as panel and semiconductor, and the third wave of land investment will open up, and is expected to further open mainland companies to Taiwan to participate in shares of LED (light emitting diodes). )industry.

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