Lighting Industry Exhibition Layout Business Opportunity

In 2011, for the Chinese semiconductor lighting industry, it could be described as ups and downs. It opened higher and lowered for the whole year, and the second half saw a marked slowdown. It was called “winter” by the media in the industry.

In the winter, invest for the next spring

Faced with the opportunities and challenges brought about by multiple pressures, more LED companies have chosen to face the reality and respond positively. The reporter learned from the organizing committee of the 2012 Shanghai International New Light Source & New Energy Lighting Exhibition and Forum (Lighting Fair), the most influential industry event in the first half of 2012 in China, learned from the National Semiconductor Lighting Research and Development and Industry Alliance. The 2012 Shanghai International New Light Source & New Energy Lighting Exhibition and Forum jointly built by Reed Exhibitions Group was highly favored. Many domestic and foreign leading companies took the lead to register for the exhibition and the booth sales were hot. The reporter and some representative corporate leaders communicated on the industrial situation in 2012. Everyone expressed the same view. The more they are in the winter, the more they need to invest in the next spring.

According to reports, there are a large number of companies including Cree, Philips, Nichia Chemical, Seoul Semiconductor, Epistar, Zhongwei, Yuanfang, Yiguang, Hangke, Yantai Debang, Zhongwan Wanbang, Shengpu Optoelectronics, etc. LED companies have booked booths in advance.

In 2012, under the multiple pressures of large-scale release of domestic production capacity, slowing down of global market demand, and unclear government subsidy policies, China's LED industry will inevitably enter a new stage of restructuring the industry and changing the competitive model.

First, the gradual release of upstream production capacity in 2012 will continue to affect the price pressure of epitaxial chips, and the localization rate will steadily increase. Competition at home and abroad will intensify in favor of high-power chips. Secondly, in the packaging field in 2012, high-quality companies will integrate more industry resources, and upstream and downstream cooperation and integration will become a new model for packaging companies to break through. Again, LED applications will continue to grow rapidly in 2012. Lighting, landscape, and backlighting will continue to drive the growth of the troika. LED lighting applications will further shift from outdoor lighting to indoor lighting. International market demand and domestic policy guidance will determine LED lighting. The key element of the growth rate. There are many variables in the competitive pattern of LED lighting applications. Enterprises with capital, scale, technology, brand, and market channels have become the main players in industrial integration.

Four major areas cover the entire industry chain

In order to better coordinate the changes in the pattern of the domestic LED market in 2012 and to guide the healthy competition among the mid-stream and downstream industry peers in the industry chain, the 2012 Lighting Exhibition Organizing Committee has skillfully matched the layout of the exhibition, and the content of the forum has been meticulously organized as 2012. The most influential industry exhibition activities in the first half of the year will provide more business opportunities and quality services for many exhibitors and visitors.

——The four major zones cover the entire industry chain: The exhibition will be held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center from April 25th to 27th. Relying on the green, innovative and fast-growing Chinese lighting industry, it will fully display the advanced production and manufacturing from the global industry. Equipment, materials, and products in a variety of applications. The epitaxial wafer and chip area, sapphire and material area, manufacturing equipment and testing area and ideal lighting display area will be set on site.

—— Ideal Lighting Display Area Perspective Innovation Frontier: The exhibition will cooperate with “Lighting and Design” Magazine to set up an ideal lighting exhibition area by simulating real hotels, clubs, museums, roads, landscapes, exhibitions, commercial interiors, and architectural lighting. The environment focuses on displaying the high degree of adaptability and flexibility of LED lamps used in different living spaces, allowing LED lighting display to rise to the height of visual arts.

- The four-field lighting design salon explored the hot spots in the industry: At the same time, the lighting design competition was held by a group of authoritative and well-known designers as a jury, encouraging designers to create innovative applications in the field of LED lighting.

- Shuangzhan Lianban enlarges the promotion effect: The exhibition will be held concurrently with the 22nd China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition, the largest event in electronics manufacturing and surface mount industry in Asia. The two exhibitions will cover a total area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters. More than 700 exhibitors from industry-leading companies will participate and will attract more than 20,000 professional visitors to the site.

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