The IC, that is, the integrated circuit is a semiconductor fabrication process, which fabricates a plurality of transistors, resistors, capacitors, and the like on a small single crystal silicon wafer, and combines the components into a multilayer wiring or a ramp wiring method. Complete electronic circuit. It is represented in the circuit by the letters "IC" (also with the literal "N", etc.).

IC definition

IC is the collective name for semiconductor component products. Including: 1. integrated circuit board (abbreviated circuit: abbreviation: IC); 2. two, triode; 3. special electronic components.

IC classification

(1) Classification by functional structure

Integrated circuits can be divided into analog integrated circuits and digital integrated circuits according to their functions and structures.

Analog integrated circuits are used to generate, amplify, and process various analog signals (referring to signals whose amplitude changes over time, such as audio signals from semiconductor radios, tape signals from recorders, etc.), while digital integrated circuits are used to generate, amplify, and process Various digital signals (referred to as discretely derived signals in time and amplitude. For example, VCD, DVD reproduced audio signals and video signals).

The basic analog integrated circuits are operational amplifiers, multipliers, integrated voltage regulators, timers, and signal generators. There are many types of digital integrated circuits. Small-scale integrated circuits have various gate circuits, namely NAND gates, NOT gates, or OR gates. Medium-scale integrated circuits have data selectors, codecs, flip-flops, counters, registers, and the like. Large-scale or very large scale integrated circuits have PLDs (Programmable Logic Devices) and ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits).

From the perspective of PLD and ASIC, the distinction between components, devices, circuits, and systems is no longer very strict. Not only that, but the PLD device itself is just a hardware carrier, and different circuit functions can be implemented by loading different programs. Therefore, modern devices are no longer pure hardware, software devices and corresponding software electronics have been used in modern electronic design, and their status is becoming more and more important.

A wide variety of circuit components, with the continuous improvement of electronic technology and technology level, a large number of new devices continue to appear, the same device also has a variety of package forms, for example: patch components have been seen everywhere in modern electronic products. For different environments of use, the same device also has different industry standards. Domestic components usually have three standards, namely: civil standards, industrial standards, military standards, different standards, and different prices. The price of military standard devices may be ten times or more than the civilian standard. Industry standards are somewhere in between.

(2) Classified by production process

The integrated circuit can be classified into a semiconductor integrated circuit and a thin film integrated circuit according to a manufacturing process.

Membrane integrated circuits are also classified into thick film integrated circuits and thin film integrated circuits.

(3) Classification according to the level of integration

Integrated circuits are classified into small scale integrated circuits (SSI), medium scale integrated circuits (MSI), large scale integrated circuits (LSI), very large scale integrated circuits (VLSI), and very large scale integrated circuits (ULSI).

(4) Classification by conductivity type

Integrated circuits can be classified into bipolar integrated circuits and unipolar integrated circuits according to the type of conductivity.

Bipolar integrated circuits have complex fabrication processes and high power consumption, and represent integrated circuits such as TTL, ECL, HTL, LST-TL, and STTL. The unipolar integrated circuit has a simple manufacturing process and low power consumption, and is easy to be made into a large-scale integrated circuit. The representative integrated circuit has CMOS, NMOS, PMOS and the like.

(5) Classification by purpose

Integrated circuits can be classified into integrated circuits for televisions according to their uses. Integrated circuit for audio, integrated circuit for DVD player, integrated circuit for video recorder, integrated circuit for computer (microcomputer), integrated circuit for electronic organ, integrated circuit for communication, integrated circuit for camera, integrated circuit for remote control, integrated circuit for language, and alarm Circuits and various application specific integrated circuits.

The integrated circuit for television includes line, field scanning integrated circuit, intermediate amplifier integrated circuit, sound integrated circuit, color decoding integrated circuit, AV/TV conversion integrated circuit, switching power supply integrated circuit, remote control integrated circuit, Liyin decoding integrated circuit, painting Medium-picture processing integrated circuits, microprocessor (CPU) integrated circuits, memory integrated circuits, and the like.

Acoustic integrated circuits include AM/FM high intermediate frequency circuits, stereo decoding circuits, audio preamplifier circuits, audio operation amplifier integrated circuits, audio power amplifier integrated circuits, surround sound processing integrated circuits, level drive integrated circuits, and electronic volume control integration. Circuits, delayed reverberation integrated circuits, electronic switch ICs, etc.

The integrated circuit for DVD player has system control integrated circuit, video coding integrated circuit, MPEG decoding integrated circuit, audio signal processing integrated circuit, sound effect integrated circuit, RF signal processing integrated circuit, digital signal processing integrated circuit, servo integrated circuit, motor drive Integrated circuits, etc.

Integrated circuits for video recorders include system control integrated circuits, servo integrated circuits, drive integrated circuits, audio processing integrated circuits, and video processing integrated circuits.

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