Guizhou relay product exports have increased significantly

Since 2011, with the help of the Guizhou Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the export volume of relay products in Guizhou has continued to grow. At present, a total of 242 batches of export relay products have been inspected, with a value of 6.658 million U.S. dollars, the highest level in history at the same time.

In order to help export relay products, Zunyi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau conducts in-depth business research, increases technical information services and technical guidance, and enhances the ability of companies to avoid international trade risks. Second, the transformation from "points" to "faces" is realized. From the "points" of finished product inspection to the whole process of procurement of raw materials, production processes and processing, and product quality control, the company is guided to check the quality of raw materials, focusing on the quality control of procurement, production, inspection, and other stages. Effective Operational quality management system; third is to strengthen the enterprise classification management, to achieve a fundamental change in inspection and supervision from the "product inspection as the core" to "with corporate governance as the core". Gradually implement a new inspection and supervision model focusing on inspection and supervision, focusing on self-inspection and acceptance of enterprises, and continuously improve the efficiency of inspection and supervision; Fourth, vigorously support the advantages and benefits, and provide enterprises with convenient services such as green channels, direct access, and electronic supervision. It can effectively shorten the customs clearance time while ensuring product quality.

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