"FOTILE STYLE" shines on the ideal of high-end kitchens in China

The stovehouse of the smoky smog has been dusted in the childhood of the previous generation; the public kitchen briquettes has also become a reminiscent of many middle-aged people; today, the spacious and open kitchen, fully functional embedded kitchen appliances Has become the mainstream of urban families. ——When the old, middle and younger generations sit together, everyone will feel that at this speed, how will the Chinese family’s kitchen last ten or twenty years?

The “FOTILE STYLE” on Taojiang Road in Shanghai draws the prototype of the future kitchen. If the Taojiang Road, which was built in 1913 and the Wutong Po, is a cultural symbol, then the “FOTILE STYLE” kitchen and electric living museum will make this symbol more unique.

The FOTILESTYLE kitchen and electric appliance store is very different from the flagship stores of some brands. This kitchen and electric appliance combines three functions – the product display area, showcases the full range of high-end kitchen appliances and corporate core culture; the 2050 Future Kitchen Experience Hall and the cabinet display area, which separates a separate area for gourmet cooking. The venue of the classroom; the last is the multi-purpose area, including the office area, the reserved space for exhibition, the designer salon area and a VIP private kitchen.

At FOTILESTYLE's top kitchen electric appliance hall, we can see that Fangtai's kitchen-based “China's first brand of high-end kitchen electric appliance brand” is perfect. Fangtai not only focuses on the research and development of kitchen electrical products, but also deeply studies the kitchen culture and injects more into the products. A rich cultural connotation.

It can be said that FOTILESTYLE is the world's largest kitchen and electric appliance hall integrating the functions of “kitchen electric display, theme salon and VIP club”. Fang Tai tries to portray the dream of high-end kitchen life for those who love life. Here, people can experience the leading kitchen technology and embedded top kitchen electric masterpieces, experience the natural fresh garden kitchen, experience the "2050 future kitchen life", experience the health and noble private kitchen cuisine, experience cooking in the cooking classroom The fun, experience the freehand and relaxed feeling of “coffee bar”, experience the culture and artistic atmosphere of the small salon, and experience the success of Fangtai as a high-end kitchen electric expert and leader in China.

It can be seen that Fangtai brand has taken the lead in exploring the impact of brands on lifestyles.
The future-oriented kitchen culture brought by FOTILESTYLE will bring more enlightenment to other home brands: everyone can get in touch with the kitchen at any time, such as dressing up, dressing, cooking, and pajamas. The kitchen will also transform from a mere cooking center to a multi-purpose entertainment center where we can listen to music, play, watch TV, and even exercise...

Some people collect water masterpieces and harvest the chest of a vast world. Some people collect handed down clocks, and they have a lifelong indifference and no competition. In Fang Tai's opinion, FOTILESTYLE is a kind of life attitude worthy of collection. It is a kind of craftsman spirit and life attitude of “cooking a small fresh as a big country”, representing a convenient, healthy and low-carbon kitchen life.

Fang Tai hopes to promote career and life-balanced lifestyle through FOTILESTYLE, advocates working with loved ones, caring for family, passing love and being loved. In this way, a healthy, positive and focused attitude to life is passed.

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