Luoyang Tianhui Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. 2017 Non-Excavation Pipe Jacking Construction Tender Notice

Tender conditions Luoyang Tianhui Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. has approved the construction of the non-excavation pipe jacking construction project in 2017. The project owner is Luoyang Tianhui Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. The construction fund comes from the company's self-raising and the proportion of project investment is 100%. The project has already met the conditions for bidding. The project is now undergoing open bidding. 2. Project overview and scope of tender Project Name: 2017 Non-Excavation Pipe Jacking Construction of Luoyang Tianhui Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. Construction Location: 154 Jianshe Road, Longxi District, Luoyang City (within the hospital) Bidding scope: Construction of pipe jacking at the intersection during the implementation of the Tianhui Company's work-ready transformation and pipeline network reconstruction project in 2017. Lot segmentation: It is divided into 1 bid segment Duration Objective: Determined according to the specific implementation time of each project Quality requirements: in line with the national quality acceptance record standards. Safety goal: To prevent deaths and serious injuries. The goal of the civilized construction site is to achieve the municipal civilized construction site goal and China's “5S” standard. 3. Bidder qualification requirements 3.1 The tender requires the bidder to have an independent legal person qualification; the business scope of the business license shall have pipe non-excavation pipe jacking construction content. 3.2 The bidder shall provide the Contract and Engineering Acceptance Certificate for the unit project with a unit price of RMB 200,000 or above from January 2014 to January 2017 to prove that it has the construction capability of similar projects. 3.3 The original copy of the “Notification Letter for Inquiring about Bribery Criminal Files Results” issued by the procuratorial agency shall be provided upon bid opening. 3.4 This tender does not accept the Commonwealth bid. 4. Registration time and access to bidding documents 4.1 All interested bidders are invited to participate in the bid from February 16 to February 22, 2017, from 8:30 to 11:30, and from 14:00 to 17:50 in the afternoon.

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