2017 user's heart of super TV box recommended!

Many users face the assortment of TV boxes in the market but they do not know how to choose. Xiao Bian has deliberately borrowed thousands of questionnaires from the forum and sales volume, and summed up the five super-good boxes in the hearts of users to provide reference for everyone. 1. Tate box 30PRO Taijie is highly appraised in terms of product quality and user reputation, and the set-top box hardware is not much worse. It mainly depends on the system and video optimization. Tai Jie is an ad-free set-top box, chasing more drama. In addition, after years of research and development, it has set six core technologies and 341 technical optimization points in a box, which makes it more fluid. Thaijee had spent more than one million and spent almost seven months just to make a better remote control, showing the stringent quality of the company. Nearly 90 percent of TV boxes are used by home users, such as the elderly, children, and women. Tai Jie specifically studied the use habits of home users and greatly improved the convenience of operation. It is very suitable for home users to use. 2. Skyworth box Skyworth A1 PLUS is relatively conservative in the design of the remote control, still using the traditional multi-key "learning" remote control, the only drawback is that the remote control does not carry Bluetooth and voice capabilities. 3. Open Bor Box The KBolle Q5's design is a simple, clean type, Apple aluminum alloy casing, beautiful and generous. Drilling and cutting C-corner technology is used at the edge joints to integrate with the whole machine. It can not only prevent fingerprints but also enhance the texture of the product. The positive information is not superfluous decoration except label information. 4. Tate box 30C This box has a large number of heat sinks at the bottom to provide good protection for long-term stable operation, and the deployment of a large range of rubber feet can also play a very good anti-slip effect. Taijie Box also inherited the concept of having no advertising and smoothness in the video playback, and the result is very satisfactory. 5. Tempo box D9 Tianmin D9 in the appearance of the square design, made of ABS plastic material, the bottom of the fuselage with blue tone, four corners set a non-slip mat, there are cooling holes, to avoid the box hot and conducive to heat dissipation. After reading it, I do not know if you have any gains? There are some boxes in the market that are priced at less than two hundred yuan. There are certain problems in quality, after-sales, and video technology. We must be vigilant when buying. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, etc. on TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answer questions!

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