Reporter experience: a story to explain the whole process of VR detoxification

Like the computer room on campus, there is one seat for each person. The “trainees” wear VR devices and stand on the podium. They are like a group of aliens. The student in the first row on the left side of the classroom looked a little strange. How did he hit the device and hit the computer screen? He was 29-year-old Dacheng (a pseudonym). In his VR, he saw a group of men and women who were taking methamphetamine. Someone casually put his hand at him, and another handed the straw over - Dacheng opened his mouth to meet him, and he hit the computer. The Drug Addiction Administration of Zhejiang Province this year initiated the VR detoxification system course, which is called "virtual reality drug addiction assessment and correction system". The way to attend classes is to wear VR glasses to watch videos. At present, there are 4 compulsory isolation detoxification centers in the province that have set up a VR detoxification function room and completed 1,008 effective sample treatments. The sample data show that the system has a 95.9% accuracy rate for the prediction of thirst for drug addicts, and the effective treatment rate is 73.6. %. If you look at the video, you will be able to get rid of the poison. Qianjiang Evening News reporter came to the first compulsory separation of drug addiction center in Liangzhu, Zhejiang Province. Induced For the first time in VR class, I opened my mouth to the straw Unlike ordinary people who experience VR, in addition to wearing VR glasses, detoxification personnel also attach ECG stickers to their left and right arms. During the viewing process, the heart rate of drug addicts will have varying degrees of change. The system records and evaluates these heart rate changes to obtain an objectively quantified “drug thirst” indicator, which is measured by comparing drug cravings before and after treatment. treatment effect. A tin foil folded into strips appeared on the screen. It was pinched from both sides and tilted slowly to the left and right. A faint blue flame, slowly dripping from below with tin foil. I clearly saw Dacheng and another young man next to him sliding up and down the throat. For drug addicts, this is their familiar "skating" and "floating fire". It is a sense of intense ritual when they use drugs. Prelude. Next is the curling - the meth of tin on the foil is poured on the small bucket of glass. The small bucket is connected to the straw and inserted into the glass jug with water, and then it is filtered and then pulled out of the tobacco pipe. The great achievement is this time. He opened his mouth and slammed into the screen. The camera switches again and a door opens slowly. Several men and women in the room were smoking methamphetamine together, sitting around on the sofa and sharing curling, having fallen comfortably on the bed, and fought furiously in front of the computer-- “too much, especially the girl’s The expression is too much like that. Dacheng said that this is the game that their former lives, friends at home, and friends at the hotel loved most. Dacheng is the only son in the family. Parents do business and neglect management but give him enough money. The bar cafe KTV then seems to be a very natural one to pick up a straw from a friend one night. Drug addiction - arrested - relapsed - was arrested again. In July last year, Dacheng was arrested for the third time. On August 4 last year, he was sent to a compulsory isolation drug treatment center for two years. Dacheng Yu Yuhuai sees the straw sucking into the screen. The young female instructor softly comforts him: The first lesson is to remind you of your drug addiction. "Okay, otherwise I thought I was white for my detox this year." 》》explained by experts Xia Xia police officer told reporters that the VR detoxification program is divided into three stages. The first stage is to induce drug addiction. It reproduces past drug addiction scenes, eliciting drug addicts' memories, analyzing their heart rate changes, and assessing their “drug addiction”. . The second stage is disgusting treatment. “The establishment of aversion is an important concept in the VR rehab course. Within a few minutes, first use familiar scenes to induce drug addicts to recall, immediately through the contrast picture, such as being caught on the spot, body lesions, etc. The visual impact demonstrates the consequences of long-term drug use, allowing them to psychologically generate disgust and fear." In the third stage, the return, through the presentation of a warm family life and free daily activities, aroused their longing for a free life, and strengthened their belief in drug addiction. disgust I have already started to lose my teeth, and my body is not wasted I also put on my glasses to experience the lesson. The instructor helped me choose a stage of disgust. The VR effect is outstanding, the surroundings are quiet and strange, and the front is dark. Gradually, there was some light in front of my eyes. A 20-year-old boy, with his skin firm and full of energy, sat in the middle of the room. He was curling and his face was full of satisfaction. Just like recording the bloom and defeat of a flower, his skin became looser and his face became darker and grayer. The final picture is that after a violent cough, his last tooth and blood fell on his hand. The man was horrified and raised his head. An old face looked desperately at the camera. The drug addict A Qiang showed me his teeth. "I have already lost my teeth. My legs have also been broken once. The doctor said that osteoporosis. Did you say that my body has been abolished?" 28 years old. “You have children. I haven’t got married yet. Right. There are more scary lessons...” Dacheng gave me a look and suddenly stopped. The VR in the disgusted stage does have a more challenging picture of psychological endurance. Part of the skin was covered with lice, with ulceration, looked disgusting, and the camera was further away. A drug addict half lying in his chair, his bare lower body was festering and he could not wear his trousers. "You said that if you lost your tooth, you can get a denture. That's broken. Isn't it over? I'm the only child in my family. I haven't married yet have children." In the drug rehabilitation center, Dacheng always wanted to go out and find a job. The woman had a child to live, and these, formerly the parents ask him repeatedly, he is extremely disdained. 》》explained by experts The co-developer of this course is Saihongsi Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Wu Xuanchen, who specializes in psychology research, is one of the main project leaders. “VR detoxification is actually a kind of psychological intervention intervention. The core logic is to reproduce the drug use scene through VR video first, recreate the memory of the drug addicts on the behavior of methamphetamine use, and then establish adversarial conditioning through memory extraction and aversion treatment. "Wu Xuanchen explained," After people's memory is aroused, there is a period of ten or so minutes of vulnerability, this time is the best time to use repulsive therapy to rewrite memory." The simple understanding is to change the drug users' memory and reflection on drugs, such as the good experience they could have thought of when they saw drugs, and gradually become a dreadful sight when they see drugs, such as physical diseases or police officers breaking into the door. The scene, thereby reducing the thirst for drugs, until the same as ordinary people. “Our VR screens are meticulously designed. The former task force members went to multiple compulsory detoxification centers to investigate many drug addicts, their previous drug addicts, sites, and their innermost fears, etc., and they were photographed according to the previous investigation. Some of the pictures are indeed heavy in taste, and our editors splintered with scissors. However, only in this way can we deepen the sense of disgust." return I want to go out, normal days The final picture of VR detoxification is a beautiful, splendid urban environment and enjoyable family life. The most important thing is that people in the picture are free. "Rehabilitation seems to be physically better, not so uncomfortable, and the most unpleasant is the feeling of losing freedom," and Dacheng, who has left the compulsory isolation drug treatment center for a year, said, "At present, only parents at home know that I have taken drugs, so I Going out should be able to live a normal life, especially when I bring my big grandmother to hope that I can get married quickly. My dad said to help me only this time and let me figure it out.” “After I was arrested, my wife divorced me. You said who I am going to find out?” Ah Qiang wanted to go out and was afraid again. Afraid of seeing the gang of "old friends" and sucking again. The instructor said that for the drug addicts, the most terrible thing is to return to the original circle. "After I was arrested, my wife divorced me. You said who I am going to find out?" A Qiang said.

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