#The first spot of this site is #iPhone X/8 Mandatory:Anker Anke 10W Wireless Charging Base Experience

Today, Aunt Zhang was suddenly very hard on the three iPhone X, while I was drooling, I decided to work hard to take advantage of this opportunity, will be bought for some time Anker 10W wireless charging base out of the sun, or we all quickly forgot that I was Consumers in the 3C world have chosen to purchase wireless chargers because in the iPhone X and iPhone 8 series, Apple has joined wireless charging for the first time, and it supports fast charging. For this new function, you have to give it a try. Secondly, Therefore, Anker was selected because several Anker products have been used before, regardless of design or quality, and they are among the best in their class, so this time he chose Anker without hesitation. One, out of the box ▲The box is Anker's usual blue and white design. It is a boxy square. The whole is very compact. The surface is protected by a plastic cover. The front is a big Anker logo and the side is the related product number. ▲ The data on the back of the Anker wireless charger, we can see, this 10W wireless re-band your input is 5V-2A, 9V-1.8A; output is 5V-1A, 9V-1.1A, also provides Conscience 18 months warranty. ▲ The side is in English. After all, the strong performance of the North American market can not be ignored. As the leading brand of USB charger in the United States, through its technology provides a more efficient charging experience, 20 million users praise enough to illustrate the strength of Anker in the field of charging. ▲ open the box, printed into the eyes is covered with frosted plastic paper Anker unlimited charge up from the base, very direct, but also implicitly concealed implicit, plastic bags also played a very good protection of the product. ▲ Remove the base, below is a power cable, placed in a concave slot folded into cardboard. ▲ The bottom is the product manual and warranty card. ▲ Let's take a look at the power cable first. The port connected to the cradle is finally replaced with a type-c port. The other end is a standard conventional USB interface. The use of the type-c interface not only makes the overall appearance more beautiful, but also provides better performance. Transmission performance. ▲ The next step is to charge the base body, the overall use of minimalist design, black and white classic color, soft skin-like silicone top surface in addition to bring more comfortable feel, but also to avoid the wear of the phone back shell, while providing stronger Adsorption effectively avoids the danger of the mobile phone slipping off; the metal corners are designed to be simple and elegant through a high-cutting chamfer angle. In the middle is an arc-shaped groove, with the logo of Anker printed in a gravure, the logo is also a consistent highlight treatment, making the details of the surface more abundant. ▲ The side is a textured matte metal, ring wrapped, silver metal and black silicone color hit design, in addition to increase the texture, while increasing the product layering. At the same time, the side is not a vertical design, but has a certain degree of inclination, narrow and wide, making the product more stable, and visually, giving a feeling of slimness, enriching the product details in the ultimate simplicity. ▲ The bottom of the product passes through a subtle hidden design. The blue circle is the breathing light. The advantage is that after placing the mobile phone at night, it can accurately locate its position, and the breathing light also indicates the role, but also has a certain atmosphere to the evening effect I personally like this little design. At the bottom is a silicone pad, which makes the wireless charger more stable on the desktop. On the silicone pad, there is a small button, light, through which the ambient light can be turned on or off. The entire back of the base is related parameters. Second, use experience ▲ The overall structure is very thin, and the metal side is the type-c interface. It is believed that performance is an aspect of the design considerations. On the other hand, the symmetrical design will be more beautiful between such small dimensions. It can be used by connecting the power cable. ▲ After the power is turned on, the lower breathing light flashes rapidly for about 3 seconds. When the mobile phone is not placed, the overall status is standby. At this time, the breathing light is extinguished. After putting on the mobile phone, the mobile phone immediately responds and shows the charging status. The breathing light begins to flash, indicating that it is charging. ▲ But the mobile phone is not easily put up to be able to charge smoothly. The picture above shows the normal charging status. The figure below does not charge. Through several experiments, the wireless charging base has certain requirements for the placement of the mobile phone. If there is any deviation, it will not be charged, and it is necessary to put the mobile phone upright. ▲It can be seen from the previous figure on the Internet that the wireless charging module of iPhoneX/8 should be in the middle of the back of the body. Since the Anker10w wireless charger is not disassembled, the internal structure is not particularly clear, so when charging as much as possible Put up the charge. Fortunately, there is no learning cost, and after a few moments, you can basically put it in the middle to normal charge. ▲ Look at the effect of the atmosphere light. This is a picture taken in the middle of the night with almost black conditions. The light reflects through the table and forms a blue halo. It can be seen that the effect of the atmosphere light at night is still good. People have a sense of quietness and a sense of tranquility. Their brightness is also moderate. On the head of the bed does not have a negative impact on sleep. Instead, I feel that the subtle light in the night will sleep more safely. ▲This is the bottom photo of the shot. The blue light is the light source. The light is distributed evenly and there is no dark spot. It feels like it is still hard work. ▲Of course, if you want to save electricity or turn off the breathing light for any reason, you can press the bottom “light” button at any time to turn it off, which is more selective and more user-friendly. ▲ But there is one thing that needs a little bit of tweeting. This button has a little bulge, feels normal, and can be pulled out, fortunately without any impact on the integrity of the function. ▲ is charging the phone. Through high school physics we can know that Qi wireless charging technology, which is now widely used, uses electromagnetic induction through coils to transmit energy. This transmission has certain requirements for distance, but it is not like a plug must be plugged into a socket. Close up. ▲ So, through experiments, we can see that actually the mobile phone is about 1cm away from the charging base, and the mobile phone can also be charged normally. The so-called wireless does not mean that you can remotely charge the phone while holding the mobile phone in the room. There is also a lot of convenience in charging methods. We can only expect that in the future, mobile phone charging can truly achieve "wireless." ▲The Anker wireless charging base is equipped with Anker's Power IQ Smart Charge Technology, which intelligently manages the charge and discharge and charging currents. During the charging process of the mobile phone, basically no heat is sensed, and the temperature of the charging base is also very stable. Not warming, temperature control is still very good. ▲ Access to the lower PIQ interface with a voltage of 5.2V, a current of 1A, and a power of about 5.4W. Even if the original Apple charger is flat, even the data will be slightly better. Next, we will use this interface as a reference to look at the final test results. ▲ Through the ebd-usb incoming call curve, access to the lower PIQ three ports, the final data also comes from this. ▲ test equipment for the iPhone8 plus with a set of curves for the trend of electricity from 0-100, through the test found that the final time-consuming is about 3 hours and 45 minutes, the first 3 hours and 15 minutes of electricity is always maintained at 1A or more, close to the standard 1A The nominal value, the voltage is basically stable about 5.3V, trickle charge takes about 30 minutes, at the same time charging the heat situation can be basically ignored. This data is basically the same as the charging time using the official charger, and even better, so if you use the official charger, Anker 10W wireless charger can completely replace it, and more convenient and practical. In addition, iPhone8 plus battery capacity of 2675mAh, and iPhone8 battery capacity of 1821mAh, the difference between the two 854mAh, nearly 1000mAh, in addition to the differences in battery life, estimates use the Anker 10W wireless charging dock to charge the iPhone8, the time should be around 2 hours and 10 minutes Compared with all kinds of wireless chargers on the world, this data is excellent. The Anker10W wireless dock also supports models such as the Samsung flagship, which will charge twice as fast as the iPhone. This data is good enough. Similar to Anker 10W wireless charging base, it can make the life of the original bond more relaxed and comfortable. When I come home from work in the evening, I don’t need to go to the line to make a special charge. Wireless will reduce this small thing to the greatest extent. What’s more, sometimes we forget about charging. The mobile phone no longer needs to be placed under a pillow or other place. The small Anker wireless base does not take up space on the nightstand. It gives the mobile phone the most suitable place to place, and, as I said before, the blue breathing light The subtle light comes to make people sleep more safely at night. With one hand, the next day with full blood to meet new challenges. Third, the summary of recommendations The front said a lot of advantages, such as always good design and solid user experience, but this small Anker 10W wireless charging base also has shortcomings, the most likely to make Virgo uncomfortable may be silica gel easily sticky gray, but fortunately not stubborn Sex, use clear tape to resolve in minutes. Another shortcoming is that the iPhoneX/8 series already supports fast charging. Although the Anker 10W wireless charging charger has brought the original charger experience, it is still not fast enough compared to fast charging, but this may be You need to pay an extra higher price to buy related packages. In summary, Anker 10W wireless charger is worth recommending and purchasing. advantage: Good design, solid workmanship, whether it is the material mix or the details are full of sincerity, small and exquisite; Comparing with or even exceeding Apple's original charger, the charging data performed well in similar products; With a breathing light, it can accurately identify the position of the phone at night, and can also be used as an ambient light; Silicone design not only plays a non-slip effect, but also prevents the phone from being scratched. All departments support Android fast charging faster. Disadvantages: Silicone design is not resistant to dirt and easy to attract dust; Breathing light switch design is not enough detail, you can pull it out; It is not possible to identify whether it is full or not. It is recommended to increase the power failure or indicator light.

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