LG Recalls Full HD Laser Micro Projector in China

Nowadays, quality life is becoming more and more people's pursuit. Especially after the 90's, young people have become the main force of consumption. Their pursuit of quality life and change of conception are giving rise to constant changes in technology products. Traditional TV, which was once a part of home theater, has also been transformed by today’s “laser display”, allowing people to enjoy cinematic audio-visual shock at home and becoming a symbol of today’s quality of life. As the rhythm of life accelerates, more and more people are forced to spend less time at rest, and going to the cinema to watch movies becomes a luxury. The advent of private home theaters brings leisure and entertainment to busy people. Family interaction key. However, for most families, building a professional-grade private home theater is not only expensive, but space is also a problem. Is there a compact, portable and affordable laser projector product? Of course, this is LG80JG, a 1080P full HD quality laser portable projector that LG has released in China this year. When it comes to laser projectors, it is a consensus that the display effect is outstanding, but the high price is unattainable. Although the laser technology has matured and the price has decreased significantly after several years of development, it still fails to reach the public. The price of the consumer's heart. The arrival of the LG HF80JG, just for most people provides a variety of functions far better than the existing portable projector. Shocking quality The LG Laser Portable Projector HF80JG adopts a pure laser light source technology with a brightness of up to 2,000 lumens. Even in a bright living room environment, it can display clear and bright images, allowing the details of the shadows to be presented together with the bright parts. Frame images are more vivid and vibrant. Moreover, laser projectors can provide longer lasting high image quality than traditional light bulb models. At present, there are small 1080P projectors on the market that are still less selective. The HF80JG uses a Texas Instruments 0.47 standard display chip to achieve full-HD resolution display in true portable projectors and to restore 1080P high-definition image quality. In order to solve the problem of virtual focus caused by the use of the resin lens for a long time, the machine adopts a wear-resistant high transmittance coated glass lens design. Since then the farewell lens is easy to scratch, easy to wipe the flowers, enhance the viewing comfort. . industrial design Looking at the appearance of pico projectors that LG publishes every year, it is not difficult to see where LG's intentions are, and has been leading the trend of the industry. This time, the laser portable projector HF80JG still follow the LG style design, stylish and simple. The HF80JG has a type I industrial design and won the 2017 CES Design Award. "Sitting" is 108x252.3x140mm, weighs only 2.1kg, is compact and portable, can be easily moved, and movies can be set up anywhere in the home, where you want to see where you want to see (home theater, backyard movie nights, neighbors' party) and many more). In order to ensure high stability, LG has also re-optimized the HF80JG heat dissipation system. Even with its small size, it can achieve rapid and efficient heat dissipation. It has a good working condition, avoids the shortened service life caused by overheating of the machine, and improves comfort. The viewing experience. Fully compatible Not only that, LG laser portable projector HF80JG is also good in function. It is fully compatible with the functions of the current mainstream applications, including the wireless WIDI Miracast technology, supports a variety of mobile devices, smart phones, tablet computers, laptops and other devices, the content of these devices is projected onto a large surface, the application beyond Your imagination. The LG HF80JG also provides a sound synchronization feature that can be used to pair with a Bluetooth speaker or headphone, hoping to help avoid delays caused by wireless audio. It also features automatic trapezoidal correction, which means that even if the HF80JG laser portable projector is placed at an extreme angle such as a wall, it can project a perfect parallelogram, reflecting the humanized design quality. Moreover, in the same type of machine, the HF80JG has also added four corners in advance to perform manual correction alone, which also greatly facilitates the screen adjustment, allowing you to more easily adjust the picture. Practical first In fact, LG has adopted the “addition and subtraction” in each new generation of designs. The same is true of the HF80JG. In addition to some of the new features mentioned above, subtraction was also made on the interface settings. Its design focuses on people's increasingly common use interface, such as the common HDMI interface, used to connect high-definition input source, and adds an HDMI interface, which greatly meets the connectivity. At the same time, the aircraft is also equipped with a USB interface, audio output, etc., configuration and practical, reducing some of the interface is not applicable, but also reduces the cost. In addition, HF80JG uses a laser light source, in addition to the display of natural and rich colors, its sustainable operation of 20,000 hours, which means that even if you work 8 hours a day, 7 years do not need to change the light source, so that the post-maintenance costs are basically zero . Laser projection is eroding all segments of the projection market, and the home theater market has begun to invade. Such as the current hot laser television products, the number of brands to products has doubled. However, the emergence of laser TVs only satisfied the needs of some people, while others waited for solutions such as LG's laser portable projector HF80JG. Because, after all, the majority of small-sized users are more demanding for space use. The small and lightweight HF80JG undoubtedly solves the pain points and can also meet the demand for high quality of life for young people. At the same time, with the entry of LG, the domestic projector market has begun to show a variety of features. In this segment of the market that is not “fresh”, opportunities have already begun with the challenges. 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