It only takes a fraction of the cost of the installation. You can also enjoy the large screen of President Wang.

Xiaoshuai (Xshuai) U3S Home Full HD Projector JD Price$4299.00 In the age of universal entertainment, each TV is perfectly normal. However, with the pursuit of quality of life, more and more people are no longer content with the small screens of televisions, instead they are pursuing a large-screen viewing experience, pursuing entertainment terminals with intelligent systems, and pursuing new televisions with rich content. . However, large-screen LCD TVs are extremely expensive. Millet sold 70-inch LCD TVs, priced at 10,000 yuan. Millet as a benchmark for the price of goods can not afford to down the price, not to mention selling the feelings of Sony Dafa. Everyone remembers that some time ago, "National Husband" Wang Sicong President Wang bought a 100-inch Sony TV with 500,000 yuan. It is reported that a female local tyrant in Shanghai also bought a same-segment SONY Z9D, and this TV is priced at 499999 RMB, it is said that the installation cost alone is as high as 2 yuan. For the average family, wouldn’t it be possible to spend the least money and the desire to watch the biggest TV? In fact, people who know more about cutting-edge smart products have long solved this problem. The answer is - smart projection! Intelligent projection can meet the requirements of large screens, and at the same time, it is equipped with intelligent systems and rich content, making it easy to create cinematic viewing. Like U3S, the latest product released by Xiaoshuo Cinema, is an artifact that is suitable for home use and can easily help you achieve home theater dreams. The key, now as long as 3999, than the LCD TV and the same configuration on the market, the cost is very high. What is the viewing effect of such a low price? First, look at the picture experience! As a projector, Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S can easily create large screens. It can project 100-inch screens and 2.5-meter wide screens from 2.5 meters away from the wall. Whether you are watching a large block or playing a game, it gives you a super shocking visual impact! While satisfying the large screen, Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S also achieved a leap in brightness, reaching a super-high lumen of 1,100 ANSI. It is also clear that the movie screen during the day is not clear. Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S breaks the curse that can only be seen at night and expands its own usage scenarios and frequency of use. On the picture quality, Xiaoshuai U3S does not lose LCD TV. Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S supports 1080P true HD, and also uses clearer square pixels than normal diamond-shaped pixels. At the same time, U3S's parameters in terms of contrast and color are also extremely stunning. In general, actually watching the U3S's screen performance, you can feel the rich contrast of bright and dark details and colorful colors, and more sharp edge performance. Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S also supports 3D video playback. Its built-in "3D cinema" section provides a large number of 3D film sources. Also supports a key 2D to 3D. It is not an exaggeration to say that even if you want to turn news broadcast into 3D mode, you can achieve it in minutes. Xiaoshuai Cinema also specializes in customizing 3D glasses, combined with 3D film sources, so that the three-dimensional effect is more realistic! Second, come back to experience sound effects! For cinema products, good sound effects can not be ignored. Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S home HD projector has a full footprint in terms of sound effects. Built-in 2 horn tweeters + 4 woofer units + 2 subwoofer units. The treble is bright, the bass is sweet, the midrange is accurate, and the frequency response curve is straight. It also uses left-right symmetrical design to create a surround sound effect, whether it is watching movies or listening to music. In the end, the system and content of Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S is also almost perfect. Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S is equipped with an Android operating system that allows users to download a variety of custom-built APPs to enrich usage scenarios. At the same time, it also allows users to autonomously clean, set up, upgrade the system, and switch modes of the system to achieve a better interactive experience. Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S also matches a page of waterfall-style UI pages independently developed by Xiaoshuai Cinema. All machine-supported functions can find corresponding link ports on this page. The various parts of the page are clearly categorized and easy to operate. In terms of content, Xiaoshuo Cinema cooperates with genuine film source parties to provide movies, hot plays, popular variety shows, animations, sports, and many free entertainment video resources. The built-in cat-eye theater provides a good-quality video every day, subdividing each type of movie, and constantly updating it according to the changes in the cinema's hit movies. If you have your own downloaded videos, you can also use the U3S rich link port to play the connection and achieve independent expansion of content. In addition, Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S also supports ±45 ° up and down left and right trapezoidal correction, installation and placement of the machine is more convenient. Also added electric focus, clear not stuck! High-gloss coated glass lens and lens cover are installed to ensure wear-resisting, no deformation, no coke shooting, high imaging resolution... From the use of experience, Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S gives the most intuitive impression is - home theater! More than 100-inch screen + ultra-high brightness + very clear picture quality + quality sound effects, plus intelligent systems and massive content, this is a set of home audio and video entertainment solutions. Based on its high price/performance ratio, Xiaoshuo Cinema U3S is absolutely the best choice to spend the least money and watch the biggest TV! 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