Make a better MI millet MIX2 smartphone

First, the origin I like tossing electronic products, the requirements for mobile phones, larger screens, longer standby, faster speed, good-looking appearance, faster charging, and better recording results. Read a lot of MIX2 evaluation, either too professional, a variety of parameters compared, or too water, feel that should also write a review for readers who have not started millet phone, there will be below. The first time you write original, please slow down Second, Sun Figure 1, no words X The mobile phone was grabbed at the Liu Village Chief's home at the time of the second sale at 2017-09-21 00:00:23. 2. Photo taken after 2 months All of the following pictures were shot with the millet 5X purchased in October. The 5X mobile phone can shoot MIX2 during the daytime. It's really unbelievable to shoot in the evening. It can't stop to jog with my hand. iphoneX is a film, so it doesn't look as good as the MIX2 black that is streaking. Bright screen effect. 3, the current system version This article corresponds to the system version: MIUI9 7.11.30 | Development Edition 4, a night standby power consumption MIX2 supports fast flush, I used to be fully charged before going to bed, unplug the plug, Bluetooth, wifi, 4g, positioning remains open, standby power consumption is generally 2-3%. Third, the ugly words are said to be in the front. 1. It is not good to prevent mistakes. One-handed use, easy to touch, compared with my Protoss or chrysanthemum home phone, both are worse; 2, the global Internet phone message looks like there is a BUG, ​​is not recommended to open. The whole process of watching the mobile phone, after the meal received a notice, a missed call +20 seconds of telephone recording. Global Internet access 3, with a bracelet, do not open a double-click screen. When placed in a trouser pocket, the phone often opens automatically and does all kinds of things that cannot be described. 4, receiver fouling. This seemingly no solution at present, with more than 2 months, the opening of the handset is already gray. Receiver dust Fourth, workers must first sharpen his tools to do good things 1. Regularly open eye protection mode Setting method: Set-display-eye protection mode-Custom opening and opening, select sunrise and sunset mode; after sunset, automatically adjust the screen to yellow, the stimulation to the eyes will be much better; Eye protection mode 2, there is no chin to see how to choose wallpaper As a mobile phone with a chin and no forehead, the choice of wallpaper is naturally - weakening the sense of presence of the chin, so the lock screen wallpaper is recommended to be all black, and the desktop wallpaper is suggested to be black in the next half to enhance the sense of unity. Personality theme has some good pictures, of course, you can download it yourself. Lock screen wallpaper 3, good desktop icon storage No matter how good the decoration is, the items in the home will be disorderly or chaotic. Choose a beautiful wallpaper to make the desktop wallpaper, but the icon covers the head, so can you not see it? The application will be placed on the main screen every day, and the rest will be divided into folders. All the icons will be placed underneath, which is convenient for one-handed operation. Plug-in will be set top and the wallpaper area will be reserved. The lower half of the black wallpaper and the full-screen colorful wallpaper look completely different. Desktop Wallpapers 4, mandatory application of full screen There are still many applications that do not have full screen adaptations. There will be black bars directly underneath, which is more ugly. However, fortunately, Android can be forced to stretch, the program installed deleted N more, forced to open the full screen did not find any problems, this iPhoneX is no match. Setting method: "Settings - System and Devices - Full Screen - Apply Full Screen Settings", find the following "The following applications are not recommended for full screen operation", all open. 5, comes with full gesture operation, of course, to turn off the virtual button Since it is a full screen, of course, we must leave more area to the screen. Why do we have to use virtual buttons to occupy the screen and do not use better gestures? Setting method: 1) "Settings - System and Devices - Full Screen" opens hidden virtual keys. After hiding, if necessary, you can also slide up on the bottom of the screen to temporarily open the virtual button. 2) "Settings - System and Devices - More Settings - Levitation Ball", open the levitate ball, and modify the operation mode to slide; This is the most critical 3) Modify the custom menu, MIUI supports a lot of quick function settings, I have desktop, multi-task, lock screen, (common app) scan code payment, return from top to bottom. 4) Put the levitate ball next to the thumb, and the daily full gesture operation comes: slide the desktop from the levitating ball position, slide back, slide the screen right on the right, multi-task on the ramp, and frequently use the app. 5) Go to "Settings - System and Devices - More Settings - More Gesture Actions" to set more gestures. Although the daily operations can basically be completed by the thumb, but occasionally open the virtual keys, these gestures are still used on the personal feeling of a few useful: three-finger pull-down screen, long press the home screen, long press the menu button Enter the menu (such as entering albums and other system settings, the slide up to open the virtual key, long press the menu to enter the settings), the menu key displays multi-tasking (according to convention). 6. Turn off system advertising - "Although I have more advertising, I can close it." 1) My millet: Open "not shown in the leaderboard"; 2) App Store: If you do not want to receive an application upgrade alert, you can close the "Update Alert" and close "Accept Push Notification". 3) File Management: Turn off "Popular Video"; 4) Contacts: If you do not need the yellow pages feature, you can close the "Contacts Show Yellow Pages Portal"; 5) SMS: If you do not need MIUI Web SMS, you can close the "MIUI free network SMS"; enter the "Advanced Settings", turn off "Allow WAP Push", "Automatically download MMS"; 6) Calendar: If you do not need the yellow calendar, you can enter the "function settings", close the "show calendar taboo"; enter the "user experience plan", the "user tips", "content promotion", "functional recommendations" affect the user experience All closed. 7) Security Center: Close the "recommended content" at the bottom, "Recommend only under the WLAN", enter "garbage cleanup", close the "garbage cleanup alert", "recommended content", and "recommended under WLAN only"; 8) Music: Turn off "personalized content recommendation", "heavy music content recommendation reminder", and "information advertising service"; if you don't feel bad about Xiaomi Music, you can close the bottom "online content service" so that Xiaomi music becomes A pure music player. 9) Xiaomi Video: Close "Receive Xiaomi Push" and "Accept Chase Push"; if you don't feel bad about Xiaomi Video, you can close the bottom "Online Content Service". 10) Browser: Enter "Advertise Filter", open "Advertise Filter" and close "Advertisement Filter Alert"; turn off "Notification Bar Quick Search" (to search, pull down menu at the top and negative one screen there is entrance); enter " "Message notification management", close all items; enter "Advanced Settings", open "block pop-up window" and close "Palace Place Push"; 11) Search: Enter the "General Settings", close the "Category Entrance", "Top Search Recommendations"; enter the "Entry Settings", close the "Slip on" (ibid., too many entrances, no shortage of this); 12) Open an apk installation file casually, in the APP installation interface, click the gear icon in the upper right corner, close the "resource recommendations"; 7. Close System App Advertisement 1) Open the "Security Center" APP, enter the "Application Management" - "..." - "Settings" in the upper right corner, close the "Application upgrade reminder", "resource recommendations"; 2) Open the "Download Management" APP, enter the "..." - "Settings" - "Information Flow Settings" in the upper right corner, and close the "resource recommendations"; 3) Open the "Weather" APP, enter the "..." - "Settings" in the lower right corner, turn off "Load weather information only under WLAN", "Weather information", and defeat "Use default weather background"; 8, obedient notification bar is a good notification bar Go to Settings - System and Devices - Notification and Status Bar. The following items are configured as needed: 1) Notification filtering: Unless you need to pay attention to notifications of certain apps often, ordinary users can choose to open; 2) Notification Management: Open the settings one by one. My principle is that all games and APPs that I do not want to be notified will always turn off the “Allowed Notifications” permission; however, if you regularly use American Mission Takeaways, you do not want to miss the push offer. Then do not close the notice of the US Mission. 3) Switch sorting: put the commonly used switches on the top, the most commonly used on the first row, such as flashlights, switch data, switch wireless, screenshots, etc., but similar to the flight mode, mute, do not disturb mode, etc., do not put in the first A row to avoid misoperation caused by missing links. 4) Close the "Show icon when there is a notification", set the "Display operator name" to "Only lock screen and notification bar display" or "Do not display" to keep the top of the notification bar clean and prevent a large number of icons; 5) Open the "Automatically close after clicking the switch" and close the "Can be pulled down when the screen is locked" (when combined with the double-click screen, the Bluetooth device is unlocked, it is easy to misuse). 6) Tips: Long press a notification, you can enter the app's notification bar permission settings, encountered unseen APP, decisively disable the notification permissions. 9, the application is more obedient, the power is more persistent ——""Five steps make you more durable" 1) Lock screen to clean up miscellaneous APP: Open the "Security Center" APP, enter the optimization acceleration, lock the task will add common applications (such as millet sports, office nails, etc.), lock screen cleaning content is modified to 1 minute or 5 minutes. Another method of locking the APP is in the multitasking interface. Press and hold down the APP interface until the lock icon appears. 2) Prohibit self-initiated: Open the "Security Center" APP, enter "Application Management" - "Permissions" - "Self-initiated Management" and close unnecessary application self-start permission. 4) Control application permissions: configure permissions according to personal habits, such as general application I do not give permission to modify the system settings; 5) Newly installed app. Before opening, go to configure permissions. You can also press and hold an APP on the multitasking interface to access the app's permission control page. 10. Hide yourself and clean up - "" I need a two-way foil for cleaning purposes. ” 1) Turn off the camera sound, too noisy; enter the camera app, in the upper right corner "three" - "set", turn off the "camera sound"; 2) Close the album synchronization: Enter the album APP, slide to the "album" page, click "..." in the upper right corner, enter the "settings", close the "automatic backup", open the "display only local album." Disadvantages: Cannot use portrait search, private album function. Tucao: Use a private album? Why do you want to send photos to the cloud? 3) Lock Screen Privacy: Go to Settings - System and Devices - Lock Screen, Password, and Fingerprint - Lock Screen Advanced Settings - Select "Show Notifications but Hide Content" when the screen is locked 4) Advertising Anonymous: Go to "Settings" - System and Devices - More Settings - System Security - Advertising Services, Open "" Use anonymous advertising identifiers". 5) Privacy Space: Open the file management app, pull down the screen and enter the privacy space. When using, enter the file manager, long press the file, select "more - set to private". The picture enters the DCIM folder, the same operation. 6) Browser: Enter Settings - Privacy Security, Close "Get Location"; 7) Search: Settings - Application Management - System Application - Search, General Settings can be fully closed; 8) Application Lock: Settings - Application Management - Application Lock can lock important applications, such as financial tiredness and shopping, and need to verify the fingerprint when opening the application. 9) SMS and phone blocking: Open the Security Center APP - pull down the second 屛 - harassment blocking - gear icon in the upper right corner, open harassment blocking, generally open "blocking overseas calls" and "blocking empty number", for parents to use, you can also The contents of the interception mark number (fraud, mediation, promotion, harassment) are all opened. 11. Do teenagers eat chicken? I won't tell you how I drove the car to the gas station roof. Before you install a new game, control permissions and notifications, especially those games that you don't know who developed: Security Center APP - Application Management - Sort by Install - Find the most recently installed game. 1) Close "self-start"; 2) Unless you really pay attention to the notification of the application, you should always turn off the notification permission: enter "Notification Management" to close "Allow Notification"; 3) It is not network games that prohibit networks as much as possible: enter "network control" and close "WLAN" and "data"; 4) Unless you are ready to use SMS to recharge, all games will be closed SMS access: enter "permissions control", close "charge related" and "privacy related" content; 5) Others disable permissions based on personal wishes and generally operate perfectly. For example: 6) For the "reading contacts", "sending messages", "removing messages" and the like, the games "likely to have insufficient rights to run" are closed. It is recommended not to play. 12, use a negative screen There are several functions on the negative screen, which can be set according to your own needs. The two most used functions for personal use are: 1) Shortcut function: Add frequently used functions such as calculators, sweeps, screens, and payment codes. 2) My Collection: Support the collection function of multiple applications, and authorize the “open global collection capability”, the content that is collected in the APP will automatically appear on the negative screen; for example, see the good articles on WeChat before, and collect them. Later basically forgot to read, but on a negative screen, basically will not miss reading later. V. Summary In addition to the battery is a little small, taking pictures outside the general, Xiaomi MIX2 this phone is still nothing to pick, buy buy.

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