Night Red Lips Designer Brand H.Kloss TV 55V1 Reviews

"The ordinary skins are the same and the souls of them are the best in the world." There is a very melling slogan from the designer brand of H. Kloss & JBL. Recently, we received a television product H.Kloss 55V1, which has a stunning and personalized appearance with a bright black and bright red. Other highlights are anti-static stainless steel, front and rear dual JBL audio, original LGD panel, artificial intelligence voice, etc. Wait. H.Kloss is a young TV designer brand. The audio enthusiasts know that Henry Kloss (H. Kloss) is a well-known American sound designer, inventor of bass, and winner of the audio design "Amy" award. Einstein's reputation for audio technology innovation is known as the pioneer of electronics, an expert in the field of video, and is one of the few voices in the audio industry and has been included in the "World Audio Hall of Fame". He is also the founder of Acoustic Research and KLH and Advent. H.Kloss’s declaration reads: “Now TV is stereotyped, in order to pursue the appearance of ultra-thin, and ignore the sound; we want to be a different TV, a soul TV, she not only looks beautiful, elegant temperament, And we have a natural good voice! We want people to forget about the TV itself and remember the sound, so that the perception of hearing is greater than anything else!" This is unique in the veteran television scene, and the brand's own style and tone are very prominent. . From our point of view, H. Kloss apparently aims at a group of young people with individuality and vitality, likes music, likes rock and roll, and has coolness in elegance and so on. The packaging of H.Kloss TV, like a letter of flames When we saw this TV, at first sight we were amazed by the outer packaging of the TV. There were many flame red lips printed on the background of the night. This unique tone is really different from other popular brand styles. , but with a sense of fashion brand. Manuals, remote controls, etc. are all unique styles of black lips. Open the packaging, we found that the inside of the manual, remote control and other accessories are also a unique style of black lips. The description was changed to a "Product CV", which gives people a more vivid feeling. Let's take a look at the stunning appearance of the H.Kloss 55V1 TV. After the appearance of the TV was installed, we could not help but be attracted by her style. It was a stunning red lip in the darkness: Front of H.Kloss 55V1 TV H.Kloss 55V1 TV back The frame of the H.Kloss 55V1 TV body uses a stainless steel knife on the IPhone X. It has anti-static skin-friendly properties and is not afraid of electric shock when touched. The stainless steel frame is treated with a high-gloss black process that is luxurious and low-key. Anti-static 403 stainless steel frame, the thinnest point of the body 8.9mm Front JBL audio According to reports, the high-bright black and high-bright red are two kinds of processes with very high degree of difficulty. The yield rate is very low, and 100 units can make 38 units of genuine products. It can be seen that H. Kloss's designer brand TV is based on material technology. The sincerity of the choice. A touch of red lips The front JBL audio sends out high, medium, and low full-range sounds, and the rear sound boosts the power of low frequencies. Ballet Smart Base The back of the H.Kloss 55V1 is also equipped with red and black on the back of the TV. An oversized red sound is hung on the back of the big black. It is extremely eye-catching. H.Kloss 55V1 TV back The top half of the H.Kloss 55V1 TV is a brushed metal back and the lower half is a back shell of engineering plastic. Rear JBL audio, enhanced bass The rear JBL bass has 5 sound units and the middle is a 4 inch bass speaker. It looks very powerful, and we will experience it carefully later. H.Kloss & JBL's LOGO The rear speaker is connected to the subwoofer output of the TV via a cable. In addition the horizontal interface also has audio/video output, debug interface, USB2.0, fiber output. Horizontal interface Vertical interface The vertical interface has USB3.0, video input, RF input, HDMI*2, network interface. Body nameplate From the nameplate on the back of the fuselage, it can be seen that the manufacturer is Jiangsu Dafeng Heshun, which is a factory that specializes in the export of TV in European and American markets, and is a Sony foundry. The system interface opens TV, Henry Kloss's picture appears on the boot screen (note his touch of red lips), the following is the slogan of H.Kloss TV: The ordinary flat bag is the same, and the soul is one in a million. Then there is the LOGO of H.Kloss & JBL. Joint H.Kloss & JBL The H.Kloss 55V1 TV uses a conventional smart TV remote control, which is also red and black. There is no Bluetooth voice feature above. remote control On the system side, the H.Kloss 55V1 TV adopts CoolOpen's latest 6.0 system, which is based on Android. It features waterfall streaming content, big data recommendation content, and user personalization settings. Cool open system 6.0 interface CoolOpen system has a variety of personalized features including homepage, theme, etc., allowing users to use more comfortable and comfortable. Top customization options There are also mobile phone screens, child mode, smart home and other functions. The system supports artificial intelligence voice. Through the mobile phone APP, voice song and voice broadcast can be realized. Screencast, child mode, voice, smart home, feature rich In terms of video resources, H.Kloss TV 55V1 is based on the GITV platform and uses iQIYI resources. the film Iqiyi resources The system also has sports, education and other content, provides sports fans with events, and provides children with appropriate video, education and other content. Artificial intelligence voice H.Kloss 55V1 TV system equipped with AI intelligent voice wizard, it allows users and complicated operating procedures to say 88, according to your instructions, accurate recognition and rapid response. Cool Open Wizard APP The TV remote control does not have Bluetooth voice. We use the mobile app “cool open wizard” to achieve voice control. No matter the elderly or children at home, they only need to use the voice interaction function of the mobile phone APP to achieve voice search and voice control functions. Voice interface As long as the name of the film and television drama is spoken out, one-second viewing and super-convenient experience are possible. Search list We tried to search the list and the system quickly identified it. Then a more ambiguous semantic search "Hong Kong movie" was also searched for accurate results. Search Hong Kong Movie Hardware configuration H.Kloss 55V1 TV configuration 4K original LGD LCD panel, 4-core A53 CPU, 6-core IMG6110 GPU, 1.5G+8G storage combination, dual-band WiFi/Bluetooth 4.0/hotspot routing/wireless screen, etc. There are 4K MEMC +4K HDR technology on the picture quality, Dolby, JBL cinema sound effects, DTS and so on. H.Kloss 55V1 TV configuration information The color quality H.Kloss 55V1 TV uses the original LGD 4K LED screen from South Korea. According to the manufacturer's introduction, the color gamut can reach the quantum dot level up to NTSC 85-90% (BT.709 120%). It also features 4K MEMC+4K HDR technology. 4K Image Technology Settings in the System Let's take a closer look at the picture quality of the H.Kloss 55V1 TV. The following test shots were taken in standard mode (multiple digital conversions after the filming of the proofs and the performance of the reader's display equipment are for reference only) . Gradation transition In the color transition test, the H.Kloss 55V1's hue scale diagrams are overly hierarchical, and the red, blue, and green tips are clearly separated. This means that the television's three primary colors are all better performing. Good color, good color gamut. Saturation and reduction In the color reproduction and saturation test, the color reproduction of H.Kloss 55V1 is also accurate. From the test chart, the color of the fruit in the picture is warm, the saturation performance is substantial, and there is a feeling that through the screen comes out. The 4K roast duck video in the dynamic picture quality shows the 4K picture performance of the H.Kloss 55V1 TV in detail. The details of the food details are very clear, and the patterns of the fabric are also the same, and the screen can be seen clearly when the screen is rotated. 4K quality performance H.Kloss 55V1 TV supports HDR10 decoding. The HDR technology can make the brightness information of the TV more abundant, the contrast of the brightest and darkest pictures is clearer, and the objects in the picture are more realistic. HDR bright field performance When playing HDR movies, HDR prompts appear on the screen. When playing juvenile faction HDR video, the H.Kloss 55V1 TV presents true colors, rich brightness information, dark background, and the stars in the night sky are obvious, without losing too much detail, these places have shown HDR decoding effect. HDR dark field performance H.Kloss 55V1 TV has 4K MEMC (dynamic compensation) technology that can eliminate motion picture jitter and smearing. It is very beneficial for high-speed motion picture playback. It will not lose picture details when playing large-scale motion pictures or sports events. MEMC dynamic performance The sound quality experience sound is a key point of the TV of H.Kloss 55V1. We have already learned in the front that her front-end full-range sound is favorable for sound transmission, the rear 5-unit sound enhancement bass, plus Dolby, JBL Sound effects such as theater sound effects and DTS are heavily invested in sound hardware and software. After careful adjustment by professional JBL masters, the sound is very promising. Sound adjustment options in the system We played several classic audition songs with a 320K sound quality. Through Tsai Chin's “Fishou” and Qi Yu’s “Boat Song,” we can feel the strong bass power of the H.Kloss 55V1 TV stereo, and the detail performance of the bass is quite adequate. In Huang Xie's "Fuxin", it can be heard that the TV sound is optimized in the vocal part to be rounded enough and the midrange performance is as good as it is; the treble part also maintains a fairly high standard, and it can be accurately positioned to the left and right, listening to the feeling of the scene at the California Hotel. Strong. The H.Kloss 55V1 TV also supports Bluetooth to listen to music. The TV can be turned into a Bluetooth speaker for mobile phones. It does not waste this sound. Sound regulation Evaluation summary The design of H.Kloss's 55V1 TV left a very deep impression on us. The highlight of the border is highlighted by the black technology + audio. This unique design has a high degree of recognition and can meet the needs of young people. Personal expression of demand, a touch of red lips in the darkness caught the heart. In addition to its extremely high value, the H.Kloss 55V1's picture quality sound experience is also great. Its picture quality is made up of original LGD 4K screen +4K HDR+4K MEMC,etc., the color performance surpasses the ordinary liquid crystal TV. H.Kloss 55V1 equipped with front and rear dual JBL audio, brought high-frequency low-frequency sound, in particular, the strong power of low-frequency, far beyond the audio level of ordinary TV. H.Kloss 55V1 TV H.Kloss 55V1 adopts Cool Open System 6.0 and uses iQIYI's film and television content to bring users a good experience. Especially artificial intelligence voice, its accurate and rapid voice recognition, as long as the name of the film and television drama out, one second to watch, and experience convenient. In terms of service experience, H. Kloss uses a factory that specializes in the export of TV in Europe and the United States, and SF Express directly reaches the user's home. In terms of maintenance services, the screen + chip is not changed (non-human damage) within one year, making people feel at ease. H.Kloss 55V1 TV Overall, H.Kloss 55V1 is a distinctive TV. As the first product of H.Kloss's designer brand, it left a deep impression on us. We look forward to more personal products coming later. H.Kloss 55V1 started with only 2,000 units. The price of red and black flagship models was 4,999 yuan. It was introduced that due to the style of the products, there are individual characters. Currently, H. Kloss designer brands do not enter popular channels and are only available online. Interested Friends can stay focused. 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