2017 battery material industry top ten heavyweight mergers and acquisitions event inventory

With the development of new energy vehicles entering the "fast track," lithium-ion batteries in the middle reaches of the industrial chain also ushered in the period of rapid development opportunities. Since 2009, the lithium battery market, which has always maintained positive growth, has been prosperous. The upsurge of M&A has continued to heat up. It has even attracted large numbers of other industry giants to cross-border mergers and acquisitions. The transaction scope includes lithium, nickel, cobalt and other mineral resources, cathode materials, anode materials, and separators. Four major materials such as electrolyte and battery manufacturing. This article from the perspective of the four major materials, inventory of this year's domestic lithium battery material occurred in the 10 heavyweight mergers and acquisitions. Cathode material 1. Yuf shares plans to purchase a 49% stake in Zhihang New Energy for 1.08 billion yuan Acquirer: Yuf shares Main Products: polyester industrial silk, lithium battery Acquired party: Smart Air New Energy Main Products: Power lithium battery cathode material, lithium battery, battery pack Acquisition amount: 1.08 billion yuan On November 13, Yuf shares announced that it plans to acquire 49% equity of Smart Air New Energy held by Mr. Zhou Fazhang at a price of RMB 1.08 billion. Smart Air New Energy specializes in the design, R&D, production, sales and service of PACK for lithium battery cathode materials, batteries and battery systems for new energy automotive power. Its business scope is the production and sales of lithium batteries; self-employed and agents of various commodities and Technology import and export business. In addition, Yuf shares completed the acquisition of 51% equity of Zhi Hang New Energy in the fourth quarter of 2016. According to the announcement, Zhi Hang New Energy is focusing on the R&D, design, and production of automotive power battery cells and battery systems. It benefits from the rapid development of the new energy automotive industry and is experiencing a rapid growth. After the acquisition is completed, Zhi Hang New Energy will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuf shares, and this transaction will help the latter to better accomplish its business objectives. Negative electrode material 2. China Keke plans not to purchase over 100 million yuan of Greit's 100% stake Acquirer: Zhongke Electric Main products: Tundish channel type induction heating and refining device, metal smelting and continuous casting electromagnetic stirring complete device, lifting magnetic force complete equipment, magnetic iron remover Acquired party: Great Main Products: Lithium Battery Anode Materials Acquisition amount: 240 million yuan On November 12, China Keke issued an announcement that it plans to acquire 100% of Gretel's equity in cash of no more than 240 million yuan. Gretel was founded on August 10, 2016. Its main business is graphitization of negative electrode materials for lithium batteries and graphitized processing of graphite electrodes, isostatic graphite, and molded graphite. The first phase is planned for the construction of graphitization of anode materials for lithium batteries. The production capacity is 10,000 tons/year. It is now in trial production in September 2017. According to the announcement, this acquisition is beneficial to China Keke's extension and improvement of the industrial chain of new energy material production, and the promotion of the integration of relevant industrial chains, which can ease the tight supply and demand situation of the graphitization processing of Zhongxingcheng, its holding subsidiary, and help it The control of product quality and the further reduction of production costs will increase the core competitiveness of China Star City's products. Diaphragm 3. Jinguan Electric planned to purchase 1.076 billion yuan to acquire 100% equity of Hongtu Diaphragm Acquirer: Golden Crown Electric Main products: C-GIS intelligent ring network cabinet, intelligent high-voltage switchgear and its supporting vacuum circuit breaker Acquired party: Main Products: zinc-manganese battery separator, high-quality lithium-ion battery separator Acquisition amount: 1.476 billion yuan On November 17th, Golden Crown Electric issued an announcement saying that it intends to acquire 100% of the total shares of Hungwook Co., Ltd. from its shareholders by issuing shares and paying cash. . The overall transaction price was 147,624.81 million yuan, of which the consideration for the shares was 106,174.68 million yuan and the cash consideration was 411,501,200 yuan. Hungto diaphragm products are located in the high-end lithium battery separator market, with high strength, high security, high permeability and other performance characteristics, the product has been tested by relevant agencies, including Tianjin Lishen Co., Ltd., Teijin Ltd., South Korea's Samsung SDI, Nanyang Jiapeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. According to the announcement, after the completion of this transaction, Hongtu Separation will become a subsidiary of Jinuan Electric. Through this transaction, the principal business of Jinuan Electric will be further extended to the new energy industry, which will help deepen Jinguan Electric's “Smart Grid + New Energy”. The strategic layout will enrich the company's technical resources, customer resources and channel resources, which will help the company's industrial integration, technological complementarity and sharing of advantages. 4. Changyuan Group plans to purchase an 80% stake in Lixin Material in RMB 1.92 billion Acquirer: Changyuan Group Main products: electric vehicle related materials and other functional materials, smart factory equipment, smart grid equipment Acquired party: Lithium new material Main product: wet separator for power lithium battery Acquisition amount: 1.92 billion yuan On August 9th, Changyuan Group announced that the company’s board of directors agreed to purchase 66.347066% equity of Lixin Materials in cash at a price of RMB 1,592,329,584; and agreed to bid for the 4 new holdings of Lithium by the state-owned shareholders in a way to participate in the entry trade. Material 13.651034% equity. In this bidding, the company made a quotation of 327,624,816 yuan (240,000 yuan*13.651034%) based on an overall valuation of 24 million yuan of 100% equity of Zhongli Lixin. After the acquisition is completed, Changyuan Group will hold 90% equity interest in Zhongli Lixin. Lithium new material is a dominant company in the field of wet diaphragms. Its main products are lithium battery separator SHS series for electric vehicles. Mainly supply Shenzhen Wetema Battery Co., Ltd., Ningde Times New Energy Co., Ltd., Huizhou BYD Battery Co., Ltd. and other lithium-ion battery power companies. According to the announcement, through this transaction, the controlling company Lithium New Material can be used as a material industry for the Changyuan Group's electric vehicle and implement the development strategy for electric vehicle-related materials. Moreover, Lithium New Materials currently has 10 wet diaphragm production lines, of which 8 are produced, and the production capacity ranks first among domestic counterparts. The advance planning and investment of its production line equipment will enable it to maintain its leading position in the expansion process in the next two to three years and will have a strong competitive advantage. 5, Innovation shares plans to purchase 5.5% of Shanghai Enjie's 100% equity Acquirer: Innovation Shares Main products: packaging and printing products, packaging products Acquired party: Shanghai Enjie Main Products: Wet base film and functional coating diaphragm Acquisition amount: 5.55 billion yuan On May 2nd, the innovation shares announced that the company intends to purchase 100% equity of Shanghai Enjie through the issuance of shares, and the price of the target assets is 5.55 million yuan. At the same time, the company intends to raise funds for non-public issuance of stocks by requesting no more than 10 specific investors to solicit funds. The total amount of funds raised will not exceed 8.0 billion yuan, and the supporting funds will be used for the annual output of Zhuhai Enjie Separator's phase 1 of 416,666.7 thousand square meters. Five wet production lines were constructed and the transaction fees for this transaction were paid. Shanghai Enjie is a supplier of lithium-ion battery separators. It has established stable cooperative relations with well-known battery manufacturers such as CATL, LGChem, BYD, and Guoxuan Hi-Tech, and has formed a batch supply. According to the announcement, with the continuous growth of demand in the downstream market and the continuous breakthrough and further maturation of the coated wet diaphragm technology, the demand for domestic wet diaphragms has broad prospects. With the accumulation of technology and the expansion of industry scale, Shanghai Enjie has successfully entered the supply chain of high-end battery manufacturers and has very good prospects for development. After the completion of the transaction, the innovation share will realize the development of the packaging and printing business and the lithium battery separator business. Raw materials: Cobalt series products 6. Meritus Technology plans to purchase 530 million yuan 50.25% stake in Tianjin Maoli Acquirer: Vertical Technology Main products: ring network switchgear, box type substation, cable branch box, on-column switch, distribution transformer, distribution automation terminal Acquired party: Tianjin Maomao Main Products: Battery Grade Cobalt Oxide, Cobalt Salt and Other Cobalt Products and By-Products Copper Cathodes Acquisition amount: 533 million yuan On November 8th, the company issued an announcement that the company's equity investment company, Ningbo Source, intends to transfer 50.25% of the shares of Tianjin Maoli held by Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. in cash, with a transfer price of 533.33 million yuan. Tianjin Maolian was established on March 5, 2010 and currently produces and sells cathode copper, refined cobalt chloride and electrolytic nickel. In the future, Tianjin Maolian plans to further develop crude cobalt hydroxide, refined cobalt sulfate, refined nickel sulfate, and ternary precursors on the basis of existing products. According to the announcement, Ningbo Yuanyuan’s investment in this field helps to secure the supply of cobalt chloride as the main raw material of Yacheng’s wholly-owned subsidiary in Hunan Yacheng, and maintains and enhances the competitiveness of the vertical cathode material precursor product related to lithium batteries. In the long run, it is another strategic layout of the vertical energy technology in the new energy lithium industry, which will help accelerate its integration in the industry chain of the new energy industry. Raw materials: Lithium carbonate 7. Yongxing Special Steel plans not to exceed 62.2 million yuan to acquire 67.91% stake in Lithium Industries Acquirer: Yongxing Special Steel Main Products: Special Stainless Steel Bars, Special Alloys Acquired party: Vertical Lithium Main Products: Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate Acquisition amount: 622 million yuan On November 28, Yongxing Special Steel issued an announcement that the company intends to purchase 67.9072% equity of Lihe Lithium by issuing shares, and the parties initially agreed that the transaction price should not exceed RMB 621,952,130.50. After the transaction is completed, Yongxing Special Steel will hold a 93.6621% stake in Lithium Industries. The company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development and production of lithium-based products such as battery grade lithium carbonate. It has a lithium salt solution to efficiently produce high-purity battery-grade lithium carbonate. Its product quality is stable and it has obvious technological advantages. , And initially built a production line with an annual output of 10,000 tons of battery-grade lithium carbonate. According to the announcement, through this transaction, Yongxing Special Steel will penetrate into the new energy materials field, improve the strategic deployment of the traditional metal materials and new energy materials in a coordinated development, and gradually establish a leading edge in the field of new energy materials. 8. Sino-Portuguese shares planned to purchase 2.008 billion yuan to acquire 100% equity of Guo'an Lithium Acquirer: Sino-Portuguese shares Main Products: Wine Acquired party: Guo'an Lithium Main Products: Battery Grade Lithium Carbonate Acquisition amount: 2.708 billion yuan On October 10, the China-Portuguese shares announced that they intend to buy shares of Guo'an Lithium, which is 100% owned by Qinghai Guo'an, for non-public issuance of shares, and initially determined that the transaction price will be 270,808,500 yuan. One of the main products of Guo'an Lithium is battery-grade lithium carbonate, which is mainly used in the fields of new energy vehicle power batteries, 3C battery products, and photovoltaic energy storage batteries. According to the announcement, through the acquisition of Guo'an Lithium, Sino-Portuguese shares will rapidly enter the battery-grade lithium carbonate production industry, form an industrial layout with an annual output of 10,000 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate and an annual output of 400,000 tons of potash fertilizer, and will continue to improve the process through follow-up. , enhance technology to expand the scale of battery-grade lithium carbonate capacity. Sino-Portuguese shares will use the lithium carbonate industry of Guo'an Lithium as a key step in the layout of new energy fields and lay the foundation for a strategic transformation of the new energy industry. 9. Meidu Energy plans to purchase 98.51% stake in Ruifu Lithium, not exceeding 3.596 billion yuan Acquirer: Mido Energy Main Business: Energy, Finance, Investment, Real Estate, Trade, Hotel Acquired party: Ruifu Lithium Main Products: Lithium Carbonate, Lithium Hydroxide, Metallic Lithium Acquisition amount: 3.596 billion yuan On October 28, Midea Energy announced that it intends to acquire 98.51% of the shares in Ruifu Lithium by way of cash payment. The transaction price does not exceed RMB 3.596 billion. Ruifu Lithium owns 25,000 tons/year of battery-grade lithium carbonate production line and 3,000 tons/year of high-purity lithium carbonate production line, while 10,000 tons/year of battery-grade lithium hydroxide is under implementation and is expected to be completed by 2018. Lithium will have a capacity of 38,000 tons/year lithium salt production. According to the announcement, after the acquisition of equity, Meidu Energy will enter the upstream of the new energy battery industry chain, in line with the company's "energy-led (traditional energy + new energy)" strategic positioning, which is conducive to further tamping the energy industry, and with the company's The new energy vehicle's power battery production segment, cathode material segment, and new energy automobile operation segment formed a linkage effect. Raw materials: lead 10. Nandu Power plans to purchase 1.99 billion yuan for 49% of Huabo Technology Acquirer: Nandu Power Supply Main Products: Valve Controlled Battery, Lithium Ion Battery, Fuel Cell Acquired party: HuaBao Technology Main Products: Crude lead, electrolytic lead, refined lead, lead alloy, ABS plastic Acquisition amount: 1.96 billion yuan On August 7, Nandu Power issued an announcement that it intends to purchase 49% of the shares of HuaBao Technology through a combination of non-public issuance of shares and payment of cash and issue it to no more than 5 (including 5) eligible individuals. Shares to raise matching funds. The total consideration for the transaction is determined at 1.96 billion yuan, of which the company will pay 1.47 billion yuan in non-public issuance of shares and 490 million yuan in cash. The total amount of matching funds raised this time does not exceed 50 million yuan. HuaBao Science & Technology Department is a leading company in renewable lead in China. It has an upstream and downstream relationship with Nandu Power. The existing business of Nandu Power and HuaBo Technology have a strong industrial synergy effect. According to the announcement, the lithium battery business is a strategic development focus of Nandu Power. The acquisition of a minority shareholder equity in HuaBao Technology will give it more funding and R&D support, and quickly share the market dividend after the lithium battery related recycling technology matures, which is beneficial to Nandu Power Supply. To create an industrial platform for the circular economy field, improve the industrial layout for the company's strategic transformation towards system integration and operation services, further enhance the advantages of the industrial chain, and achieve industrial synergy.

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