Double-card chicken is really more expensive? It's time to tell you true and false

Xiao Biao Note: Happy New Year, good Wen wanted to send you Taiwan iPhone X to do New Year! # # New Commodities Warfare Call for Papers is in full swing, sharing experience in the purchase of new products, New Year shopping list and new year record drying products, participate in winning iPhone X award, more Kindle, Jingdong gift card and other multiple gifts! Poke Event Announcement Learn More In fact, my own computer DIY is still relatively proficient, so many students and friends come to me with the machine, of course, the most convenient is to give them a good proposal to buy the whole machine can be, but for some local friends want to install a good configuration If I do, I still insist that my own accessories will be installed automatically. Recently, I had a friend from Wuhan asking me to help him configure a host to eat chicken (Excuse me? Now for chicken and computer?) Of course, the budget price is not limited, which makes me a little excited. Money can easily engage in series ~ Of course, the main several accessories let me pick the rest of his own use of the old, do not waste principle Configuration: CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS GAMING 7 Graphics: Gigabyte GTX 1080 / Memory: Yingchi Hall of Fame DDR4 3600 8G×2 Solid State Drive Samsung 960 EVO 250G M.2 Hard Disk: Seagate 2TB Power: Corsair HX750i Platinum Full Module Power Supply Radiator: Pirate ship H55 integrated water cooler CPU cooler Chassis: Yingguang 303 Black Red Previous configuration diagram Is it scared? It's only such a simple thing, because the rest of the things are sent directly to Wuhan, and this equipment is left to me, to satisfy my fantasy play double card SLi~ Thanks to AMD and Intel in 2017, the struggle between you and me has made us a lot of people to eat and see. The fact that your Ruilong attacked the 8th generation Core Duo listing at the end of October of the year is simply interesting. The six-core, twelve-core thread directly breaks the perennial four-core Intel main tone, and is also the best-known toothpaste in the history. Buy eight generations of Core Duo can only be on the Z370 motherboard, so this time on the train unless the local tyrants or just need, or suggest that wait, the motherboard + memory, graphics card and CPU prices, there is no tens of thousands can not get. People's tyrants at random I hold my Z270 platform to watch others' fun. Six + four-phase power supply is sufficient for U for general games. Now that the motherboard is playing with lights, it is also a play of supernatural power. The memory slots also play RGB light bars. South Bridge LOGO is also RGB lighting effect. Three Pcle slots, with metal armor for the reinforcement of two heavyweight graphics cards This is for him to buy Gigabyte GTX1080 graphics card, 1080 graphics card to deal with the current mainstream of any game must also be enough, A card is not personal favorite style, it is still N card deep my heart. Standard 3DP1DVI1HDMI interface, 8pin interface for this level of graphics card is also quite satisfactory, unfortunately no light. My public version of GTX1080, Yan value is much better than his 23333 he walks is a matte black appearance, as far as my appearance needless to say, are Otsuka level. After 1060, the interface was basically unified, and it became a standard 3DP1DVI1HDMI interface, powering 8pin, but one of my milk turbine cooling GIGABYTE milk fans. I can't quite understand why he picked up the memory of the GALAXY Hall of Fame. Originally wanted him to go on a Chichi car. As a result, he didn't want to think that the white looks good. The result was very difficult for me as an RGB fanatic. The simple white style is now also transmitted to the memory, and GALAXY's Hall of Famer graphics card is also white. Although there is no RGB lighting effect, it is still very good to see it alone. Recently, the price of memory has dropped, and it seems that prices have disappeared. There is a need for friends to see if they want to cut prices. Temporarily good. Think of the dual card my 650W power supply to GG not move, can only give up my 1250W power to play it (actually borrowed, I have nothing to buy a neuropathy 1250W home rusty it) Great Wall Gold Dragon 1250W power supply is a 80PLUS gold certified power supply with a typical load efficiency of more than 90%. Its rated power is 1250W, active PFC dual-transistor forward design, 3.3V and 5V DC-DC output. Independent 6-channel +12V output, fully modularized power output line design. Fortunately, the height of the two cards is almost the same, just use a hard bridge. GPU-Z recognizes two graphics cards. Next drive, play the test slightly ~ See if it really is not a single card or two - first is a single card Followed by dual cards Summarizing together clearly shows the gap ratio of performance running points, but SuperPosition identified dual cards, but running points actually turned out to be? ? ? ? Does anyone help explain? Do not understand. Single card eat chicken frame number Double card eat chicken frame number It can be seen that after the game of eating chicken has been optimized, single and double cards have no effect on chickens, and they do not have any different effects. Since there is nothing to be sent to him, anyway, both cards are frauds. In addition to running points, I have seen a different place. The others are fake fake ones! ! ! I want gold coins to be true. Hahahahahaha

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