PV subsidy policy triggers industry competition

PV subsidy policy triggers industry competition The PV industry is looking forward to a multi-day subsidy policy for photovoltaic power generation that eventually landed at the end of last month. Residents' family distributed photovoltaic power stations, how much money does it cost to generate 1 degree of electricity? What does the introduction of subsidy standards mean for this industry? Yesterday, the newspaper specially invited Gu Wei, a professional electrician in the marketing department of Wuxi Power Supply Company, to professionally interpret for readers.

Sell ​​1 kWh to the grid for $0.87

On August 30th, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Circular on Exploiting Price Leverage to Promote the Healthy Development of the Photovoltaic Industry" and clearly defined the sub-regional benchmark on-grid tariff policy for photovoltaic power plants. According to the solar energy resource conditions and construction costs of the area where the power plant is located, the country is divided into three types of resource areas, with electricity price standards of 0.9 yuan, 0.95 yuan, and 1 yuan per kilowatt-hour, respectively, of which Jiangsu Province enjoys 1.0 yuan in the category III resource zone. / kWh price. This is for traditional photovoltaic power plant projects. For distributed photovoltaic power generation projects, a policy of subsidizing electricity prices in accordance with the amount of electricity generated is implemented, and the subsidy standard for electricity prices is 0.42 yuan per kilowatt-hour. "Distributed photovoltaic power generation subsidy 0.42 yuan per kWh, what does it mean?" Gu Wei said, whether it is enterprises or residents, as long as it is a distributed photovoltaic power generation project (installed capacity of 6 MW or less), the power generation capacity can be Enjoy state subsidies of 0.42 yuan per kWh.

If you remove self-use, there is more than the amount of electricity on the Internet, the grid will be recycled in accordance with the desulfurization of coal price, according to the price of 0.45 yuan per kilowatt-hour pricing, so that count state subsidies, each issued to the national grid 1 kWh, can Income is 0.87 yuan. “It is more cost-effective for enterprises to use distributed power generation projects for their own use.” Gu Wei said that the current power consumption of enterprises is the large industrial electricity price, which is higher than the desulfurization coal price.

Taking 0.637 yuan per kilowatt hour as an example, if used voluntarily, each kilowatt-hour can not only save 0.637 yuan, but also get a 0.42 yuan subsidy, which is equal to the income of 1.057 yuan, even more than the benchmark online price of 1 yuan.

As for the residents, it is expected that the number of home power stations will increase.

"The good for the residents is still relatively large." Gu Wei said that before the subsidy policy was introduced, only those companies with the ability to apply for the benchmark on-grid tariff could be applied to the photovoltaic power generation project. As a residential individual, the family distributed photovoltaic power station Is not applied for. After the subsidy standard is clear, it is expected that more resident users will join in and build a home power station.

This reporter learned that Wuxi has added 5 new projects in the past two months. At present, the number of distributed photovoltaic power generation projects in the city has reached 23. Among the five new additions, four are resident users, of which two are in Wuxi and two in Jiangyin, with an installed capacity of between 2 kW and 5 kW. Shi Zhongjie, who lives in the 80s after the Ginkgo Garden in Nanchang District, is one of them.

As early as last year, he had the idea of ​​building a family of photovoltaic power stations, hoping to make good use of roofs to practice green concepts first. His residential building is a double-storeyed building. The first and second floors are one family home. His family is three or four floors. The roof is in the shape of a slope. The area is relatively large and 40 square meters are available. "About the use of the roof, I have already spoken with the property, and the neighbors downstairs have reached an agreement."

Shen Zhongjie is engaged in the photovoltaic industry and has technical advantages. With the increasingly clear state policy, he has already done a good job of preparatory work. The design scheme, installation equipment, etc. are all in place. Wuxi Power Supply Company submitted online application.

Shen Zhongjie designed the installed capacity to be 3 kilowatts. On the 40 square meter roof, 12 250-watt solar panels can be laid. With the sunshine duration in Wuxi, it is estimated that an average of 260 kWh can be generated each month. According to reports, following the mini power station at Jiangyin Zhaogang’s home, currently seven families in the city have applied for distributed photovoltaic power generation projects. The applicants are mostly professionals in the industry, and due to space, they are mostly concentrated in villa areas and private houses.

Subsidy policy was introduced and competition in the industry has begun

The reporter learned that due to the future development prospects of distributed photovoltaic power plants, some people have begun to accumulate operating experience while establishing individual home power stations. When distributed power sources become popular, they can provide designs or installations for other companies or individuals. Such as a full set of professional services. At present, competition has already begun. Now that Wuxi has applied for grid-connected household distributed generation, there are professionals in the industry who have built for individual residents.

Although the enthusiasm of residents is rising, but industry insiders suggest that from the investment point of view, even if the subsidy standard is introduced, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power stations for households with installed capacity of about 4 kilowatts still needs 6-7 years to recover costs. “Once applied for, the power supply department spends a lot of manpower and material resources for on-site investigations, access plan preparation and review, etc. At the end of the day, the cost is so large that investors or users will not be built, which will cause a lot of waste of resources.” An insider Introduction.

In the process of applying for grid-connected PV projects, EIAs are required and approved by the Provincial Energy Bureau. However, the application for the establishment of a distributed photovoltaic project by residents is relatively simplified and no approval is required. Apply now. Once the residents apply, the power supply department will conduct on-site surveys, and each household must develop a separate access plan. Each household needs at least two meters. The total self-generated electricity, the amount of electricity remaining on the grid, and the electricity consumed by the national grid must all be measured. Clearly, the access environment is complex and the access process is not simple.

The reporter understands that the evaluation of the load-bearing structure of residents' houses and the impact of the family's construction of solar roofs on the surrounding environment and other issues of concern to the residents also need to be clearly defined and resolved in the development of distributed photovoltaic power plants in the family. For more and more applications that may appear, the power supply department is gradually accumulating experience and optimizing access, acceptance, and other operational processes in order to better serve users.

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