Toshiba recently launched the development of Yawa-type white LED products

Tokyo-Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of a white LED product based on a silicon nitride process. LEDs reduce forward voltage and are low-power products of the Yawa type. The product will be available in two packages: the TL2FK series in a 3.0x1.4mm package and the TL3GA series in a 3.0x3.0mm package. The product is scheduled to be put into mass production in August 2013.


General lighting sources, including straight tube lights, bulbs, substrate lights and ceiling lights

Main characteristics

Using a gallium nitride process on silicon

The two series are available in 3.0x1.4mm and 3.0x3.0mm packages.

Low power consumption

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led curtain

Color :Warm White

Color Temperature: Warm White 3000K

Input Voltage of Adaptor: 120V

Input Voltage of String Light: DC 30V

LEDs Quantity: 300

Lifespan: 50000hrs

Interval btw strings: 0.18m (7in)

Size: 3M (9.84ft) x 2M (6.56ft);

Material: Plastic+Copper;

Plug wire to the controller: 1.5m/4.9ft

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