The principle and function of low frequency pulse therapy instrument and intermediate frequency electrotherapy instrument

1. Summary

The human body is made up of about 60 trillion cells, and these cells are causing body currents every time.

For example: heart currents in the heart, brain waves in the brain, and currents in the muscles of the muscles are all physiological current phenomena. This current is called low-frequency, medium-frequency current.

Furthermore, this phenomenon also occurs in nerves that make the whole body function normally and exist as a net phenomenon. For example, cold, heat, pain, itching, etc., convey the information inside and outside of the body to the brain, and the corresponding instructions to all organs, all of which are low-frequency, medium-frequency phenomena.

The use of low-frequency pulses and intermediate-frequency currents with the same properties as physiological currents, through the skin meridians, stimulates nerves and muscles to achieve the latent function of each organ and maintain normal function.

Low-frequency and medium-frequency electric charging can promote autonomic nerves to dilate blood vessels and smooth blood flow, which has a significant effect on adult diseases. Furthermore, it stimulates motor nerves and softens the operation of the body through the contraction and relaxation of muscles. This effect has obvious effects on pain therapy.

The so-called neuralgia is due to the disorder of blood circulation in its tissues. At this time, low frequency and intermediate frequency therapy can be used to promote blood circulation and relieve the pain.

Pain can also be caused by nerves being manipulated and pressed together. At this time, low-frequency and medium-frequency currents neutralize the nerves and transmit the information to the brain, prompting brain cells to secrete endorphins to relieve the pain.

These are the effects of low frequency pulse and intermediate frequency electrotherapy.

In addition, low-frequency pulses and medium-frequency electrotherapy have effects such as promoting autonomic nerves, smooth blood circulation, Yin-Yang reconciliation, metabolism, skin beautification, strengthening brain functions, and improving immunity.

2. principle

If there is life, there will be weak batteries in the form of heart currents of the heart, brain waves of the brain, nerves and muscles. The nerve current generated by this is transmitted to the whole body to regulate the status of muscles, internal organs, nerves, blood circulation and metabolism.

Low-frequency pulsed and medium-frequency electrotherapy refers to current therapy that has properties and effects similar to nerve current and occurs through electronic devices.

If there is an abnormality in the body, the quantity and quality of nerve currents will change, resulting in various symptoms of abnormal parts. The low-frequency current similar to the internal nerve current of the human body is transmitted to the body to strengthen the electrical stimulation to normalize the abnormal nerve current and restore the nerves that contract, relax and calm the paralyzed muscles to relieve the pain. And stimulate the autonomic nerves, relieve fatigue and promote the production of necessary hormones, scientifically help restore health.

3. effect

Low frequency pulse and intermediate frequency electrotherapy can be used at any time in homes, units, offices, etc. If you use it for 20 minutes to 30 minutes every day, you will have good results.

1) Send to the body to produce fresh blood (the increase of white blood cells and red blood cells, suppress the reproduction of bacteria, improve the transportation of nutrients and oxygen, and restore the reduction of white blood cells caused by radiation).

2) Promote the increase of interferon in the body and suppress the spread of inflammation.

3) Strengthen cardiac pulsation, enhance blood vessel contraction and relaxation, use blood circulation, and prevent arteriosclerosis.

4) Eliminate the feeling of depression in the heart and enhance immunity.

5) Enhance the function of the digestive system.

6) Help to promote blood circulation in the painful area, strengthen the metabolism of harmful substances, and relieve pain.

7) It can help physical and mental development and use it in the growth period, which is good for growth and development.

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