Reread from Xiaomi artificial intelligence new product Why Lei Jun appreciates Changhong

Yesterday, Xiaomi released its new AI TV. In the case of a poster that had been padded for a long time with millet, it is said that in 2030 the TV is long! At least artificial intelligence is correct in this direction. In fact, in the television scene, it wasn’t millet that first made artificial intelligence, but Xiaomi Lei Jun Changhong’s appreciation of its level of manufacturing. By the end of this year, Changhong had been working as an artificial smart TV for three years. In the past three years, 30 meters of voice control has been realized from the initial simple voice dialogue to the recognition range; from the original Mandarin to the current dialect, even blue and thin shiitake mushrooms are rare Pronunciation; From being in a downswing to finding an intelligent transformation “password” that is in line with its own reality—the world’s first open IoT support platform (UP platform). Changhong, who was doing artificial intelligence, may now be the creator of new trends in television. Millet pushes artificial intelligence product twice in heart On October 18th, Xiaomi TV held an online conference. Wang Chuan, the co-founder of millet and the head of Xiaomi TV, announced that the new member of artificial intelligence, Xiaomi TV, will be released in 3s60 inches and will introduce a new content partner, Sohu Video. It is reported that millet TV 3s60-inch true 4K artificial intelligence TV, priced at 4,499 yuan, will be opened early in the morning of October 21 in Lynx Mall pre-sale, in Xiaomi Mall and Jingdong Mall simultaneously open the appointment, dual 11 official transaction shipments. In fact, on the 27th of last month, Xiaomi TV's artificial intelligence television system has appeared. This system, dubbed “PatchWall Puzzle Wall,” uses magazine typesetting to infinitely tumble through the contents of the waterfall stream and has self-learning capabilities. The 60-inch launch of this new product aims to further complement the size of the millet TV 3S series, and also marks the continued consolidation of millet TV's artificial intelligence technology. I believe that the same series, millet TV with the same artificial intelligence products released in pre-holiday and post-holiday two time periods, the target directly refers to the National Day Golden Week market and the upcoming dual 11 market, showing that millet intentions are unusual. Before the release, Xiaomi has set 2030 TV in the future to see the same kind of guess, the recent answer is also officially announced, indicating that in the next few years, millet will focus on artificial intelligence. It is not hard to imagine that the new millet TV will be rolled out around the "PatchWall puzzle wall" for a while. Wang Chuan believes that artificial intelligence technology is the future of technology. Top global companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft all use artificial intelligence as the first strategy. This is the trend of the times. Millet TV is only following the trend of technology. Changhong wins in manufacturing also wins pre-judgment In the first two days, there was a paragraph in the circle. When Xiao Jun’s founder Lei Jun was in Mianyang, when he talked about Changhong, he said, “The air purifier for millet actually has two foundries. One is a Japanese-funded enterprise and the other is China Changhong. To tell the truth, when we first handed over our business to Changhong, we were more skeptical. Later, we did not expect that Changhong's precision manufacturing capability was no worse than another world-class factory. ” This position also won cheers for Changhong. In fact, this level of manufacturing and industry judgments have always been Changhong's strengths, including today's Xiaomi launched artificial intelligence products. 1 2 Next>

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