CES 2018 focuses on China's wisdom, TCL X5 \ C6 \ P6 new debut future technology

On January 9, the 2018 International Consumer Electronics Show (also known as CES) officially kicked off in Las Vegas. As one of the representatives of the big country brands that have been at the CES exhibition for ten years, TCL not only “occupies” the prominent position of more than 1,000 square meters in the core exhibition area, but also carries its X/C/P three series of products, including 2018. New products X5, C6, P5. At the global launch of TCL held on the eve of the opening of CES, TCL Group Vice President and TCL Multimedia CEO Wang Cheng said that in the future, TCL TV will continue to innovate in the three directions of artificial intelligence, quantum dot technology, and large screen. Through this CES exhibition, TCL will fully demonstrate the future development prospects of TV to global consumers. The TCL CES display area has been divided into a number of thematic zones: QLED TV Zone, AI Zone, XESS Private Theater Zone, Interactive Zone, X/C/P Zone, ID Creative Zone, R6 Series Zone, New Technology Zone, Content application area, etc. The displayed products include X6 XESS private cinema/X5/X2, C6/75C2, P5/P6 and many other styles. The rich variety makes the visitors from all over the world come across. In the new X5 exhibition area, the audience seriously experienced the shocking audiovisual experience brought about by the future display technology. At the same time, before the new display areas such as C6 and P5, AI technology and craftsmanship also won numerous praises. Through the on-site experience, we can feel that X5 is a new product of the XESS series, continuing the philosophy of this series of technology and art. In terms of picture quality, technologies including Quantum Dot Technology, Dolby VisionTM HDR Imaging Technology, Q Quality Engine, and 4D Scene Optimization are used to enhance the performance of TV picture quality. Realistic and clearer levels. The sound quality is based on a luxurious custom Harman Caton audio and applies Dolby Atmos® immersive audio technology. In terms of industrial design, the 65-inch X5 exhibited at the site features a 4.9mm ultra-thin body, a curved full-screen, 360-degree integrated design, and a redesigned sound appearance and floating base design that embodies TCL. The pursuit of ingenuity and innovation. C6 has been further enhanced in terms of sound quality. The high-color gamut screen of the primary colors with a full-screen non-rimless design provides a broader visual enjoyment space. C6 supports Dolby VisionTM, a state-of-the-art end-to-end HDR solution that enables higher brightness and contrast, as well as more comprehensive and richer colors. In terms of sound quality, Harman Kardon audio is used, and Dolby Atmos® is also supported. In terms of appearance, C6 has adopted a cylindrical audio system and gentlemen's gray audio mesh in a breakthrough manner, giving this TV a low-key sense of beauty. P5 continues the product concept of this series of fashion trends, equipped with 4000R gold curved screen, 5.9mm ultra-narrow frame and 7.9mm ultra-thin body, and then with the integrated molding process, the continuation of the eye of wisdom design and MEMC motion compensation technology , more in line with current consumer demand. Through experience, we can feel that these three series of new products will be combined with the X6 XESS private theater/C5 urban blues TV/P6 ultra-thin TV released in 17 years to form a powerful product camp, which is sufficient to meet the diversity of current consumers. Demand shows TCL's philosophy of user experience as its core. TCL's dedicated quantum dot technology experience zone and AI technology experience zone reflect a forward-looking perspective as the industry leader in the future layout. The two technologies enable television products to achieve effective audio and video experience and interactive experience. Complementary, it shows us the development trend of future home entertainment. In particular, TCL's exclusive research and development artificial intelligence T, has been equipped to all its XCP series products, with "full interaction, fast response, strong ecology" three characteristics. It is reported that TCL has conducted in-depth cooperation with top global companies such as Google, Amazon, IBM, Baidu, and Tencent to build an open AI platform and fully cooperate in system, identification, content, service, etc., and quickly apply the latest technologies in the world to products. For consumers to bring a better experience. There is a new science and technology experience zone that brightens people's eyes. Here we fully appreciate TCL's exploration of innovative technology development. TCL insists on the research of high-quality display technology, from UHD to QLED, constantly improving the quality of the image. The major technologies exhibited include HVA (wide viewing angle) technology, iPQ quality enhancement engine, and Contrast Control multi-zone high color gamut technology. The “Frame TV”, which focuses on high-definition quality display, is like a real oil painting displayed in front of the audience. The bright performance comes from the strong strength of TCL in the field of technological innovation, so as to continuously improve the competitiveness of products in the global market. Wang Cheng said that since 2008, TCL has become China's first company that has made its debut in the main hall of CES. From 3D TV, 4K TV, Internet TV, Quantum TV, curved TV, and artificial intelligence TV, TCL’s changes in CES over the past decade can be regarded as the best witness for China’s strong rise. TCL has always been committed to providing users with products and services with the ultimate experience while accelerating the pace of globalization. In addition to continuing to consolidate its market share in Europe and the United States, it will continue to expand strategically in emerging markets such as Brazil, India, Russia and Argentina. Taking root in the local market, TCL’s industrial capabilities, R&D and service capabilities are available. According to the latest data released, total TV sales of TCL Multimedia in 2017 reached 23,231,141 units, representing a year-on-year increase of 16.4%, achieving the strongest growth in five years. Among them, the North American market has performed outstandingly, and its annual sales volume has increased by 131.5% year-on-year. Breaking 20 million units in 2016 and ranking among the top three in the world, and surpassing full-year sales targets by 2017, these data also confirm the reasons why TCL is favored in many international arenas. As industry analysts have said, TCL has been at the forefront of the world in terms of product experience, technological innovation, advanced manufacturing capabilities, and upgrading of the entire industry chain. It is also a powerful engine that drives China's manufacturing forward and to the world. The debut of the 2018 CES show was like a “open door”, which allowed TCL to demonstrate its role as a global innovation company with practical actions. As the pioneering representative of the Chinese brand's internationalization, we believe that more brands will work with TCL to demonstrate the self-confidence of big power brands in the international arena, and use the new weather, new look and newness as a means for the world to better perceive the power of Chinese brands! 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