Jingdong unsupermarket black technology opened on 11-11

On the afternoon of October 17th, JD.com today launched a series of retail converged innovation products and solutions for the 11/11 Global Good Day, and announced that it will jointly launch an unbounded online and offline retail solution with Tencent. At the same time, it will launch unmanned supermarkets. There are no black convenience products such as convenience stores, unmanned warehouses for the whole process, unmanned distribution trucks, and open platforms for smart supply chain merchants. Jingdong Group CMO Xu Lei believes that the future of retail must be unbounded. From consumer, scenario, supply chain to marketing, it becomes extremely decentralized and changeable. It breaks any restrictions in time and space, breaks the boundaries between manufacturers, brand owners, and platform providers, fully integrates data flow, and promotes industry efficiency. Embrace the "unbounded retail" strategy. Jingsong senior vice president Ma Song disclosed on site that during 11-11, the unmanned convenience store and unsupervised supermarket independently developed by Jingdong will be officially opened in the Jingdong Global Headquarters Park. Jingdong smart store technology system (D-Mart) behind Jingdong unmanned convenience store is the world's first low-cost, modular assembly smart store solution, which includes smart shelves, intelligent perception camera, smart weighing checkout table, and smart The billboards and other modules can be flexibly combined to adapt to various application scenarios such as supermarkets, convenience stores, gas stations, airports and hotels. Jingdong X unmanned supermarkets, through face recognition, image recognition and other technologies, have created a full-scene, ready-to-run and digitally operated complete unmanned store solution. Jingdong uses face recognition as the user's entry vouchers, binds the user's identity and payment information for the first time, and binds them once for “every lifetime”. Use RFID, face recognition, image recognition and other technologies in the process of shopping and payment to ensure the user's smoothest shopping experience – just select the goods at will and walk out of the supermarket through the settlement channel. In addition to the unmanned store, Jingdong’s self-developed unmanned warehouse will also be used in Shanghai during 11-11. The whole-process unmanned warehouse realizes the entire process of the storage, storage, packaging, and sorting, and the whole system is intelligent and unmanned, and has the ability to process 200,000 orders per day. In addition, the operating range of UAVs and distribution robots that have been officially operated by Jingdong since this year will be further expanded. At present, the drones of Jingdong have opened dozens of routes in places like Xi’an and Suqian; distribution robots have been operating in Beijing, Zhejiang, Shaanxi, Hunan, and other multiple parks; JD’s first unmanned lorries launched in the domestic logistics sector are also intensive. testing. Ma Song said, "The breakthrough of retail scenes brought about by technological innovation will bring new experiences to consumers on 11-11. Behind the enjoyment of unrestricted and smooth shopping, Jingdong's technology is driving high-speed flow of data, goods, and funds to create more High value."

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