New use of LED lighting: designers invented creative LED hypnosis wall lamp

In addition to the role of green environmental protection, LED lighting has recently found new uses. If some specific graphics have a hypnotic effect, the hypnotic effect will be even more powerful when made into a luminous fixture.

The designer combines some special arrangement graphics with LED panel lights to become the simplest hypnotic wall lamp. It looks like the light flows, it feels very dizzy, and it’s not bad to stare at insomnia. .

1.High model conversion efficiency,more than 19%,reducing installation costs and maximizing the kwh output per unit area.                                         2.power tolerance of -3% to +3%minimizes PV systems mismatch losses.                                   

3.Excellent performance under low light environments.                    

4.High transparent,low-iron,tempered glass,and antireflective coating.  

5.Five years warranty,25 year using life,good quality.

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