Getting Started Favorites: Ivy Bridge Mobile Celeron Big Exposure

Getting Started Favorites: Ivy Bridge Mobile Celeron Big Exposure The new 6-core and 8-core CPUs are endless, but not many enthusiasts need the top hardware. For most entry-level users, the best ones are Pentium and Celeron. Now Intel has announced the specific specifications of the mobile version of the Celeron processor for the Ivy Bridge architecture.

The Ivy Bridge mobile Celeron will be released in the first quarter of 2013. This time it will eventually evolve into a dual-core. The single-core Celeron B730/807 in the Sandy Bridge family will be eliminated at the same time. Socket G2 rPGA package, dual-core, dual-threaded, 2MB L3 cache, HD Graphics graphics core, Intel 64/VT-x technology, these are the common characteristics of the new Celeron, and are similar now, of course, the process is new 22nm.

Celeron 1000M/1020M is the 35W thermal design power standard unchanged, clocked at 1.8/2.1GHz, graphics core frequency 650-1000MHz, memory dual-channel DDR3-1600.

Celeron 1007U/1037U is a 17W ultra-low voltage version, clocked at 1.5/1.8GHz, graphics core frequency 350-1000MHz, memory frequency DDR3-1333.

Considering the 5-6% increase in the primary frequency, the new Celeron 1020M should be about 15% faster than the B840, and the 1000M is about the same as the B840.

The price is uncertain, but it should be the usual practice to continue the current level, which is 70-86 US dollars.

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