Cohen Electric: Corporate Thinking Behind "Black and White"

Looking at the successful model of the enterprise, it is not difficult to find that only by grasping the right to speak in the industry can we always stand at the forefront of the development of the industry and grasp the main channel of continuous upgrading and transformation of the industry to become a "successful enterprise". In recent years, Cohen Electric has launched a series of technological innovations and product upgrades in the field of kitchen appliances in China, achieving a continuous lead and firmly grasping the right to speak in the industry.

After years of accumulation, Zhejiang Keen Electric continued to exert its strength in 2012, launching a series of “black and white” themes of a series of range hood products, achieving the advantages of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, safety and intelligence in one direction. The composite development, from the perspective of industrial technology upgrade and transformation, consumer experience and other aspects, first proposed a comprehensive and clear definition of China's kitchen appliances.

Cohen's "black and white" is not only a summary of the characteristics of the series of products using black and white color, stainless steel and tempered glass, but also the accumulation of technology, culture and innovation since the establishment of Cohen Electric. The standard connotation of "black and white" is: based on the dual drive system of products and consumption, always firming the high-end of the industry, and leading the consumer demand direction with the continuous upgrading of new technology products. At the same time, through its in-depth understanding and focus on the industry, it constantly improves and enriches the connotation and level of high-end standards, thus achieving three-dimensional coverage from close to demand, satisfying demand to creating demand. From the very beginning, we have established the development concept of “high standards, strict requirements, and creativity”, and gradually explored the strategic positioning of “professional, high-end, and responsible”, and embarked on a “user-oriented, independent innovation-driven, The product upgrade is the cornerstone of the high-end branding road, from the product performance, industrial design, scientific and technological achievements and other aspects to achieve the domestic kitchen power product development trend and upgrade direction.

The "Black and White" series has also opened up new development strategies and built a different standard system and connotation. On the one hand, along the development direction of product technology standards at the national level, actively participate in and lead the upgrading path of product technology in various products such as range hoods and stoves. On the other hand, it is closely following the changes in the market and consumer demand along the user experience standard of the user level. In the end, consumers of different ages can find their own products. The "Black and White" series of products, from the first C69, to the "automatically open" C72, to the newly launched "Executive Chef I" C90, have realized the latest technology practice in the industry, bringing users The experience also reflects Cohen's strength in product operation in the kitchen appliance market.

Nowadays, "black and white" has become the exclusive term of Cohen Electric, which marks a new curtain of the new development of China's kitchen electric industry. As a Chinese concept smoke machine advocate, Cohen is also a high-end kitchen electric appliance. The leader in product and innovation trends, and has been leading the development trend of high-end kitchen appliances through revolutionary and subversive technological innovations.

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