LED bulb pros and cons judgment parameters and purchase guide analysis

The application of LED lights is becoming more and more extensive. What should we pay attention to when using LED lighting? For consumers, how can we choose the right lighting fixtures? This article will be introduced one by one.

First, roughly judge the six parameters of the LED's good or bad:

1, luminous flux (Φ) unit is lumens (lm)

Note: The luminous flux is directly determined by the chip brand, and all of our bulbs are provided by Taiwanese chip Guanghong brand.

2. The color temperature (k) unit is Kelvin.

3, color rendering (ra) color rendering index

4, light source efficiency (lm∕w)

5, the power factor of the power supply

6, cooling effect

Need to meet the lights of these six parameters, basically can determine the quality of a lamp!

Second, power selection

LED bulb, professionally known as LED bulb, its most common household power is 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, 12W, 18W, 21W, 24W, even larger power, 40W, 80W, 120W , 150W, etc.

3W bulbs are generally used on table lamps and bedside lamps.

5W bulbs are generally used on floor lamps.

7W bulbs are generally garages, babysitters, etc.

Personal idea: like the big chandelier in the living room, generally use 3W, because it may use 6-30 bulbs on one lamp, the number of light sources determines his brightness. Like the desk lamp\floor lamp, the power of the selection A bigger light bulb, according to Taobao, which I know, many sellers have falsely reported the existence of W number in power.

Third, the lamp head selection

The lamp holder has a bayonet and a screw. The commonly used lamp holders are E27, E14, E26, etc. These are all screw sockets. The letter E indicates the Edison screw or the lamp holder. The numbers on the back represent the socket. The integer value of the path in mm.

Therefore, E27 represents a screw head with an outer diameter of 27mm, and E14 represents a screw cap with an outer diameter of 14mm. The power of the LED Lamp has nothing to do with the size of the lamp. The same power LED bulb can be used with either the E27 or the E27. E14's lamp holder, of which E27 is the most commonly used lamp holder.

There is also a B22 base. The B22 base is a type of base. The base refers to the interface that is connected to the end of the lamp line for mounting the lamp. It is the part of the lamp that fixes the lamp to the lamp holder and connects the lamp to the power supply.

The electric light source mainly uses the lamp head and the lamp holder naming method. The relevant symbols mean: B bayonet lamp head, the number behind B indicates the diameter of the casing, such as: B22D/25×26-- refers to the bayonet cap with two contacts and a diameter of about 22mm; the total length is about 25mm, The skirt has a diameter of approximately 26 mm.

19mm Key Switches

19mm key switches, ie, key switch lock, is gradually increase market share with its Diverse functions, accurate operation and Wide range of applications

This 19MM Key Switches could have 3 position key switch, 4 Position key Switch, which means it could have stronger power to support industrial and other bigger equipment. The exclusive technology of reset functions, multi-position rotation angles are not available in all walks of life,only we can have the technique to realize these.

3 postion key switch

As for the quality, this 19Mm Key Switches have via UL authentication. In terms of green environmental protection, we adhere to the concept of sustainable development from the procurement of raw materials to the shipment of finished products. Meanwhile, we have professional environmentalist in charging of  the whole production system, ROHS environmental protection  providing PPAP report for our customers.

At present, our company's power key switches matching detection equipment is roughly as follows:ROHS testing machine, projector, life testing machine, push-pull testing machine, secondary element microscope, power testing machine, salt spray testing machine, etc.

With a sound quality control system and reliable detection equipment, we has created a globally reliable power key switch and has become a trusted producer of electrical key switches.

19MM Key Switches

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