When the 35-degree cup is triggered by the deep thinking of LED counterfeit counterfeiting

This winter, a cup was hailed. However, behind the enthusiasm, the cups encountered by the malicious counterfeit "cups" are also worth pondering.

“55-degree cup” fire “55-degree cup” is a “quick-changing” warm water cup developed by LKK Rococo Innovation Design Group, Beijing 55th Technology Co., Ltd., which is self-developed, designed and produced. ", 100 degrees Celsius boiling water into the cup, shake (about 1 minute), quickly cool to the body can drink about 55 degrees Celsius of warm water. It solves a pain point for the user. Drinking the right hot water does not need to wait, shake it and drink it in one minute. At the same time, people who are anxious to drink hot water are also prevented from scalding or scalding the esophagus.

Due to its scientific, healthy and cool drinking water concept, the "55-degree cup" has not been officially launched, and it has received a large number of orders. A month or so after the listing, it has been in short supply, and consumers are far more than expected. The "55-degree cup" has also been praised by the majority of consumers as "warm male artifacts", becoming a veritable explosive and subversive drinking artifact.

According to statistics, since the listing of the 55-degree cup in October last year, the sales volume has exceeded 1 million in two months; the number of partners has exceeded 20,000; the number of fans in the whole network has exceeded 5 million; and the number of offline stores has exceeded 10,000.

However, at the same time as the 55-degree cup was hot, good business opportunities and good products have caused a lot of follow-up in Chinese cottage enterprises. According to a 55-degree cup salesperson survey, a large number of "fake 55-degree cups" that mimicked Rococo appeared in madness across the country. These counterfeit companies use consumers to buy information asymmetry, the 55-degree cup of authenticity is not high, confused, and completely copy the Rococo design concept, and even fake fake counterfeiting.

For a time, the products that imitated the 55-degree cup on the Internet emerged endlessly, and most of these cottage enterprises directly copied the technology, trademark, design and product packaging of the Rococo 55-degree cup, and almost completely plagiarized. These cottage enterprises not only plagiarized the patented technology of Beijing's 55-degree technology company, but also because of the uneven quality of the cottage products, the phenomenon of shoddy products appeared, which also indirectly affected the reputation of the authentic 55-degree cup.

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