South Polytechnic uses graphene to cut off the high cost of LED lights

Nanjing University of Science and Technology recently released, the school has made progress in the development of new two-dimensional semiconductors, is expected to create new materials, greatly reducing the cost of LED lamp production, the research results have been published online in the top journal of chemical and materials, "German Applied Chemistry". It was selected as a "hot article" by academic media such as Nature and Nan oWerk.

The LED lights that can be bought in the market are ten times higher than the ordinary lamps, so that the LED lights cannot enter the homes of the people. According to Zeng Haibo, director of the Institute of Nano-optoelectronic Materials, South China Institute of Technology, new materials such as graphene, which is widely used and low in cost, are very suitable for manufacturing information and energy devices including LEDs. However, the metallic and semi-metallic properties of these materials have become fatal. How to change the properties of these materials has become a bottleneck that is hard to overcome in the material science community.

“Manufacturing LEDs is just one aspect of this new material application,” Zeng Haibo said. The material can also replace silicon and be applied to the manufacture of computers and mobile phone chips. “Once applied, Google Glass, smart health bracelets and other wearable electronic devices. Not only will performance be leaps and bounds, but it will be lighter, smaller, and more affordable."

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