The optical design is a pistol of LED light: let the LEDs mean which ones can do nothing.

Have you tried to brighten your eyes with direct sunlight? This is the most primitive source of “glare”, but many buildings “tamed” the sun to make it comfortable, like the world-famous Golden Bell Museum for optical design:

Picture: Inside the museum, the reflector of the "human" type hanging from the top of the ceiling, introduces sunlight into the room and evenly reflects it on the curved concrete surface on both sides.

Similarly, if the light source of the LED , without the "tame" of the optical design, will fiercely dissipate, like this:

But if it is optically designed, after taming, the light becomes dexterous, and the various uses are for us:

After the optical design "taming", the light can be transformed into a variety of shapes and effects that meet our needs.

So, if the LED Light is a bullet, then the optical design is the one you need - let the LEDs figure which one to play, omnipotent.

Sometimes secondary optics and multiple optics ultimately determine the optical performance of the Lamp and luminaire. The LED provides a relatively wide angle beam (note: the general package chip angle is 115° or 120°). demand. For example, directional spotlights require ultra-narrow angle beams, while streetlights require a wide-area, perhaps rectangular, spot illumination effect. To learn more about optical applications, please pay attention to recent optical trends. In fact, optical lenses and reflectors can be applied to advanced light sources and luminaires individually or in combination. In addition, the design of optical devices must be kept up to date with the development of LED chips , such as the current COB chip illumination. Faces (LES) are getting smaller and smaller, and the light efficiency is getting higher and higher. Let us review the latest products released by Optical Company, especially the supporting opticals of COB.

--Morrie Wright MauryWright

Indoor wall light

Indoor wall lights, it is added character and dimension to the spatial areas ,not only by lighting but also by highlighting and paying attention to design details and general outlays of the space. Among them, indoor wall lights quietly elegant and harmonious.It can decorate an environment grace, rich and colorful,  suitable for the bedroom,etc. When it comes to home lighting, while the main focus is to fully illuminate the room, ambient lighting also plays a key role. Clearly focused lighting is a necessary condition for office lighting, and wall lights do this very well.

Indoor Wall Light

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